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Udo and the gang at A.A.C. are first out the gates in 1021 with an Oriental Rug and Carpet auction at their Vienna , Austria Gallery scheduled on Jan 30th titled “Fine Antique Oriental Rugs” XXIII.

This sale features 189 total lots of all types of rugs ,carpets and textiles.

Well after a few passes through the auction inventory my thoughts are this ! What we have is a year end, year beginning house cleaning sale to clear things out a bit and maybe raise a little cash in these convoluted times . Nothing much included to spark interest and get the Rug – Mob buzzing just a decent selection of mediocre items with for the most part very realistic starting points ! Unfortunately this is not a very exciting group but the reasonable pre-sale estimates should create a positive outcome for Mr Langauer and his staff to begin the year .

A couple of lots that i thought were at least mildly intriguing are featured below.

Lot # 11, Ikat panel . Pre-sale starting point E 300.00. My favorite piece in the complete sale inventory. !

Lot # 15, Verneh flatweave . Pre- sale starting point E 1,500.00 . Not so old but great visual appeal !


Chick Rock Friday !



Sad news to mention in the rock world today .

Go With God ! Rock legend and Guitar hero Leslie West passed away today after a lengthy battle with diabetes and a heart attack. L. W. was a founding member of the seminal rock band “Mountain” and also at a later date the super group “West, Bruce and Laing”. He played with many other well known musicians over the years and was an inspiration to a multitude other guitar players including myself. You will never be forgotten leaving behind your monster hit “Mississippi Queen” and many other notable works!





Christmas Eve special !

Grogan & Co , Boston , Ma. has scheduled a special rug , carpet and flatweave auction on Jan. 31st to start the “New Year” at their Boston Gallery.

The sale consist of 172 rugs , carpets and various flatweave / sumak type items. Many of these pieces are from the “James Opie” collection .

After going over the sale selection multiple times my over-all impression is just this . If you like Persian tribal and city rugs and carpets this is certainly the sale for you . Yes there are all the other types of rugs and carpets also included but the majority of the group is Persian pieces.

As it usually is with an M.G. production most all the lots are in very good condition and he has kept the pre-sale estimates at a very reasonable level which is a smart move to promote bidder interest in these choppy times.

There are plenty of good lots in this auction , way to many to feature , but a couple that thought were hi-lights and that stuck with me are posted below.

Lot # 27 , Kazak cpt. Pre-sale estimate $ 3-5,000.00 . Not in the best condition but pretty good for a piece with this dramatic of a design ! My favorite item in the whole sale !

Lot # 71 , Turreted gul design Salor Juval . Pre-sale estimate $ 30-50,000.00 . A mid-period example that’s very good but been around the track a bit !





Just when you thought it could not get any weirder at the end of an already weird year we get Nashville , really people ? Sheik Frederich , 2020 .

There you have it . A person who could not keep her word if her life depended on it ! Nanci p**gie , in full “bozo” makeup !

Dog o the week ,

Shitty movie o the week, ********

Movie o the week, ********

Song o the week , Mountain , Mississippi Queen on Climbing , 1970.

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