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Sad news in the music world today !

R.I P. , Ken Hensley founding member and keyboardist of the legendary English prog-metal band “Uriah Heep” and various other Hard Rock and Metal bands passed away today after a short illness. Known primarily for his work with “Uriah Heep” and their mega hit ‘Easy Livin’. That single song is still being played constantly today and will keep his memory alive forever !



Chick Rock Friday !





The fall rug and carpet production from our friends at at Rippon -Boswell , Wiesbaden , Germany is live “on the line” now for your education and viewing pleasure . This time around the auction inventory features 246 total lots of rugs , carpets and all manner of various ethnic textiles .

After numerous passes through inventory my opinion is Mr Maltzahn and the Rippon rug dept. have assembled a fairly diverse group of items for this pretty much season ending rug auction . As far as i see it nothing much in the way of a single show stopper to get the “Rug- Mob” buzzing but a wide selection of very good items of all types to give you and your bank account something to consider. Turkmens are very well represented but there are also plenty of other pieces from all directions to of course satisfy all rug collecting taste !

All said and done a decent selection of good but not great pieces and a job well done by the “Rippon” rug dept.  !

A few items that stuck in my “limited” mind are posted below .

Lot # 96 , Qashg’ai kelim . Pre-sale starting point , E 4,500.00 . My favorite piece in the sale !

Lot # 119 , Bakhtiari  Gabbeh cpt. Pre-sale starting point , E 4,700.00. Strong graphic design .

Lot # 126 , Camel Hamadan cpt. Pre-sale starting point E 4,800.00 . Not the best condition but a great decorative look . These used to be super popular !

Lot # 131 , Tekke Khalyk. Pre-sale starting point E 5,900.00 . Very reasonable starting point , scarce and desirable for sure  !




Chick Rock Friday !


New Guitar Saturday !


For give them ( the Blue ) Father for they know not what they do ! , Sheik Frederich , 2020.

Yo , Dude i am down with the program !

Dog o the week !

Shitty movie o the week , Fortunately Nada !

Movie o the week , Again nothing !

Song o the week , Uriah Heep , “Easy Livin” on Demons and Wizards , 1972 .

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