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10/19/20Get on the team and stay there ,wear a mask !

Gonna start the new week with another “Islamic Art” auction scheduled on Oct. 27th at Sotheby’s ,London featuring rugs , carpets and textiles from the L. A. Mayer Museum , Jerusalem , Israel.
To begin with this is a general “Islamic Art” sale that includes 190 total lots of which 16 are early textiles and 21 are rugs , carpets , embroideries and one susani .

My overall impression of the items in the sale inventory they are all for the most part all better examples and if this is what the “Mayer Museum” is de accessioning they must have an exceptional and comprehensive collection ! 
Not particularly well publicized this selection is well worth your time to take a quick look ,see ! 

A few pieces that stuck in my mind are posted below . Lot # 116 , Ottoman textile frag. Pre-sale estimate £ 4-6,000.00 . My favorite item in the whole sale !Lot # 173 , Oushak cpt. Pre-sale estimate £ 20-30,000.00 . Much more colorful and interesting example than you generally see .

Lot # 181 , Caucasian Dragon cpt. frag. Pre-sale estimate £ 15-20,000.00. A very representative fragment to my eye.

More sad news in the music world !

Spencer Davis founder and leader of the iconic early British rock band , “The Spencer Davis Group” passed over to the other side today. In a life time in the music industry he had more than a few hits including the all time great “ Gimme Some Lovin” with the young and talented Stevie Winwood. That song among a number of others will keep his legacy alive forever !

Spencer Davis and Stevie Winwood ! 


Two weeks ago today ! 


Today’s rug ,carpet and textile auction at the “Dorotheum” in Vienna , Austria is in the books and overall from an items sold point of view it turned out reasonably well for Mr Matschek and staff . Out of the total 242 lots offered only 85 failed to find new homes. A sold percentage of right at 65% ,reasonably respectable in my eyes.

Speaking on how the sale flowed in general , and as it’s been in recent times, late , commercial Caucasian pieces were still running on the soft side and the Chinese textiles included in the sale were very weak . The largest percentage of lots sold in the auction were good condition somewhat late Persian City decorative rugs and carpets which still seem to be very popular in the European retail market. Perfect condition still reigns supreme !

There were a handful of nice upside pops to lend a little excitement to the production ( Note #’s 8 , 22, 43, 96, 110, 172 , 175, 237 ) two of the more dramatic upside burst were both Chinese are featured below .

Lot # 172 , Ningxia Cpt. Pre-sale starting point € 7,000.00 . Sold for an impressive € 22,800.00 including comm. Biggest pop of the entire sale .

Lot # 175 , Chinese silk cpt. Pre- sale starting point € 4,000.00 . Sold for € 17,800.00 including comm. Not a real shocker as this type of silk rug has been strong for quite awhile now but still nice for the consigner ! 

As for the two lots i reviewed in the previous post one sold, one did not.

Lot # 82 , Lakai susani. Unsold . Failed to conjure up sufficient bidding action . Reserve to high or just lack of interest ? 

Lot # 152 , Tekke torba . Pre- sale starting point € 1,600.00 . Sold for a fair and realistic € 4096.00 including comm.
Something worth mentioning , online bidding on the Skinner’s auction items opened today ! 



Moving fast forward we have today’s “Islamic Art” auction at Nagel’s in Stuttgart , Germany .
So as i mentioned in the previous post i thought the layout of this sale was a jumbled mess but but after todays very positive results i guess what ever works for you works.     
Out of the 79 total lot of rugs and carpets offered only 8 remained unsold with a sold percentage right at 91% . Considering the mediocre quality of most of the merchandise in the sale inventory this was a very positive turn of events for the Nagel rug dept.
As for the 24 lots of miscellaneous textiles in the group only 2 failed to sell. 

Regarding the sale itself not really to much in the way of fireworks but there was a small handful of notable upside surprises and 2 of the more dramatic are featured below .Lot # 4 , Chinese red RKO design rug . Pre-sale estimate € 1,5-2000.00 . Sold for € 13,000.00 + comm. Not the best example by far but good provenance .Lot # 123 , Silk Farahan cpt. Pre- sale estimate € 2-3,000.00 . Sold for € 13,000.00 + comm. Just grossly underestimated .

Concerning the 3 lots i posted in the last blog post , all sold .

Lot # 3 , Ningshia rug . Pre- sale , € 2-3,000.00 . Sold for a well deserved€ 9,500.00 + comm .

Lot # 16 , Turkmen trapping , Imreli ? . Pre-sale estimate , € 1,5 – 2,000.00 . Sold for an expectedly much higher number , €16,000.00 + comm. Slightly late but a still legit example. 

Lot # 210 , American Indian war shirt . Pre-sale estimate € 8-1,000.00 . Sold for € 5,500.00 . The question is just this. Is this real or one of those very good German reproductions from the turn of the 19th century ?


For today’s rug activity we have the latest action at A.A.C. in Vienna , Austria. 

So where to begin on this excursion into the rug auction world . This went pretty much the way i figured it would because there was not much in the sale inventory to get the rug buying public excited . Plenty of nice slightly better pieces but more commercial in general with nothing that would get the Rug- Mob gossipers yapping .

Out of the 168 lots run over the podium only 29 didn’t attract any bidding activity . A sold percentage of about 82% , right inline with most of the recent productions at A.A.C. . Keep in mind these are “liveauctioneer’s” unaudited posted results and are open to change . Not bad but about average for A.A.C. lately . 
Like it’s been recently Chinese and Tibetan pieces sold very well , not necessarily with strong numbers but the pieces sold total was very positive .
One Tibetan item , lot # 92 is featured below , it did pop pretty well .
What else , well late mediocre Turkmen asmalyk’s did sell at all.
All the other types of rugs in the auction sold O K , but no pops . Some of the lots with higher pre- sale estimates sold but at or below their low pre- sale estimates . 
Final thoughts on this one are like this .
Another workman like conclusion for Udo and the gang at A. A. C. . So keep up the good work and stay in the game with maybe some more interesting and unusual lots the next time around !  

One more thing ,the 2 items that did pop very well are posted below .

Lot # 92 ,Tibetan rug . Pre-sale estimate , € 1-1,500.00 . Sold for a surprising € 11,000.00+ comm. Like i said before Tibetan items are very popular in the European rug world right now .Lot # 139 Tekke , “Salor”  Juval . Pre-sale estimate , € 5-7,000.00 . Sold for an astonishing € 16,000.00 . A big number for a mid-age , crowded example . Nice for the consigner though !

The one lot i did feature in the previous blog post sold but well under it’s low reserve .

Lot # 15 , Tekke Kap . Pre- sale estimate € 3-4,000.00 . Sold for € 2,000.00 + comm. Being late and with a design flaw in the main inside border might have led to its weak performance ?

Chick Rock Saturday ! Note the 5 string base !

10/25/20Seven more days till ? 2 “fer” Sunday ! 

For the so called over educated out there don’t under any circumstances mess with the body of the supreme court ( 9 ) “what so ever” ! , Sheik Frederich, 2020.

Dog o the week ^ !!!! 

Shitty movie o the week , Thankfully , nada ! 

Movie o the week , Anna , 2019.

Song o the week , Gimme Some Lovin , The Spencer Davis Group on The best of the Spencer Davis Group featuring Stevie Winwood , 1967.

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