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Well the fall rug auction calendar is starting to fill up with no less than 8 predominately rug , carpet and textile auctions listed so far , but that could certainly change , At this moment we have Henry’s , “Dorotheum” , A.A.C. , Skinner’s , Christie’s , Nagel’s ,Sotheby’s, London , Rippon-Boswell and Grogan’s in the pool up to this point ! 







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Via con Dio , the one and only great Eddie Van Halen after a courageous 10 year battle with cancer. Guitar god to the max , no words for this one. You’re gone but through the legacy of work you leave behind you will never ever be forgotten and you will continue to inspire guitar players for infinity!





So to begin this fall rug auction season we have todays sale at “Henry’s Auktionhaus” , Mutterstadt , Germany and it’s underway on “Liveauctioneer’s”  as we speak .

Up to this point it’s going fairly well for them but let’s just see how they wrap the game up .

Fini , so here we go !

Out of the total 353 lots run across the podium today only approximately 86 failed to attract any bidding action. A sold percentage of right at 76 %. Very good considering the mediocre selection ( in my opinion) and a suspect at best rug market , to say the least . As usual these are “Liveauctioneer’s” unaudited results so they are open to updates and interpretations.
Concerning the sale itself , as usual lately Caucasians were still running on the cool side but Tibetan and Chinese pieces sold very well , no break out prices but strong within the estimate ranges . The Tibetan rug market for examples with at least some age is very active in Europe right now ?
Something else worth mentioning ,the group of mixed ethnic textiles included in the auction also sold very well .                            

All said and done a very nice turn of events for Henry’s rug and textile dept. 

One lot which was the only one to be considered a real upside pop is featured below .

Lot # 267 Sumba ikat . Pre-sale estimate , € 1,200-3,800.00. Sold for a surprising € 7,100.00 . News to me , for sure ?



After going through the Oct.21st sale of rugs , carpets and textiles at the “Dorotheum” in Vienna , Austria a few times i have to say i am not particularly impressed by the selection or quality of the 242 total lots to by offered for sale . Once again this is a sale directed squarely at the European retail market with very little to attract the attention of the serious international rug collectors out there . 

The sale consist of plenty of late commercial pieces in great condition but nothing much in the way of a top shelf collectable item to arouse the “Rug – Mob” . No , i am not knocking Mr Matschek’s effort but some older lots could have certainly have helped with attracting international buyers looking for more classic , earlier specimens .

That being said i am featuring 2 lots feel are are possibly the most interesting in the group , again just my opinion !

Lot # 82 , Lakai susani .Pre-sale starting point , € 15,000.00 . From my point of view the most collectable piece in the entire sale .

Lot # 152 , Tekke torba . Pre- sale starting point , € 1,800.00 . A little on the late side but in great condition and a scarce main border. The best Turkmen in the offering and a realistic starting point too.

Second sale of the day is the “Skinner’s” sale also scheduled to start on Oct. 21st and end on Oct. 29th in Marlborough, Ma. This is for the most part an online endeavor including approximately 454 total lots of all manner of rugs , carpets and textiles . 
Where to start on this Skinner’s production is just this , it’s really a lot of stuff for one sale even though it runs for 8 days . And it’s really varied as far as the quality of the merchandise included in the sale inventory goes. Unfortunately the down side is there is nothing in the way of a clear cut barn burner collectors piece to garner any excitement in the serious collectors universe. Just a ton of pieces with as Mr Kearny likes to present them ,very , very low pre- sale estimates which is great for the bidders out there and creates a certain amount of excitement in these trying times ! 
A couple of lots that mildly attracted my attention are posted below .

Lot # 1004 , Dazkiri yastick . Pre-sale estimate , $1,2-1,500.00 . Not usually my cup of tea but what appears to be a very good looking example with good pile ,decent age and great color .

Lot # 1101 , Victorian chair upholstered in Ningshia carpet frags.  Pre- sale estimate $ 8-1,000.00 . Just a very trippy piece . Unfortunate it would be such a headache to get to Cali !



Next victim is Udo’s upcoming sale at his A.A.C. Gallery in Vienna ,Austria scheduled on Oct.24th .

With 3 passes through the auction inventory under my belt this is my unbiased opinion .For all intents and purposes this is pretty much an average A.A.C. assortment of mildly interesting merchandise . The sale is comprised of 168 lots of rugs , carpets and textiles from most all the weaving areas .Yes , there are a small handful of slightly more upscale articles to consider but the vast majority of items included in the group are good condition middle of the road , beginning collectors type pieces or standard decorative items. No standout , top shelf examples to stir up the serious rug aficionado’s of the world . A decent sale just nothing to get overly amped up about.
As it’s gone for Mr Langauer and Co lately i assume this sale will more than likely do pretty well for them or even better ! 

So , Good Luck to them this time around !

One lot did stick in my limited mind, but just a bit !

Lot # 15 Tekke kap . Pre- sale starting point , € 1,500.00 . Slightly later example but in great condition. Unfortunately with a minor design flaw in the bottom inside border .


Not sure what think of the “Ethnic Art” sale featuring 98 lots of rugs , carpets and textiles at “Nagel Gallery” in Stuttgart , Germany scheduled on Oct. 23rd . My first impressions are the Nagel online catalog needs help in a major way , for sure ! It’s so jumbled up you just can’t tell much from it so it’s better to try your luck on the “invaluable” online version with slightly better quality illustrations , better but not by much .

Up and away we go with this one ! 
Most of the items are arranged in groups according to their specific weaving attributions. Newish items mixed in with possibly older pieces. What it feels like is they are trying to do is put something  better with somethings maybe not so good to enhance possible sales or in this case maybe they just don’t have a clue what they are doing . That said there are what appears to be a few better pieces scattered amongst the majority of late commercial shop stock type items that are to say the least hard to liquidate. I am not sure this approach will work but the pre- sale estimates are very reasonable so it just may turnout to be very successful for them !

A few lots i thought were at least worth a second look are featured below .Lot # 3 , Ningshia rug . Pre-sale estimate , € 2-3,000.00. With these poor quality illustrations this piece shined through as one of the best in the sale !Lot # 16 , Turkmen trapping . Pre-sale estimate , € 1,5-2,000.00. Needs to be seen in person but this could be very good .Lot # 210 ,  American Indian war shirt. Pre-sale estimate , € 8-1,000.00 . So not an oriental item but if this thing is “legit” it may just be the big ringer in the complete sale ! 


Moving onward and upward next in the line of fire is “Sotheby’s , London’s” , Islamic Week sale featuring rugs , carpets and textiles . After my first pass through the auction inventory it appears that Sotheby’s is swinging for the fences on this one with only 9 rugs and 4 miscellaneous textiles included in the selection . That said they are all for the most part very high end which will knock the majority of the main steam rug buyers right out of buying competition on this offering . I am not sure how this approach is gonna turn out for them but they are showcasing some pretty good merchandise,  although the pre- sale estimates in some cases are a little exorbitant. 

Two lots that did stick in my limited mind a bit and had me going back for a second and even third time are featured below.Lot # 480 , Ottoman saddle cover . Pre-sale estimate , £ 20-30,000.00 . No give away , but my favorite piece in the entire group !Lot # 493 , Dragon Sileh . Pre-sale estimate , £ 8-12,000.00 . One lot that at least carries a realistic pre- sale estimate. There has not been a Dragon Sileh this good popping up in the market for awhile so it will be interesting to see if it sells and for how much ! 


Bring up the rear on this post is the “Islamic Week” production at “Christie’s”, London” .

Well for starters Ms Broadhurst and staff have stuck with the standard formula in this instance and have included 80 rugs , carpets and 4 textile lots which makes it a little more in tune with and appealing to the general rug buying market . 
My thoughts on this auction inventory are it’s heavily decorative and commercial for the most part but there are a hand full of somewhat more interesting collectable items thrown into the mix to make a little more absorbing for the serious collectors out there. All in Ms Broadhurst and staff did a reasonably good job putting this selection together in a tricky time in the world/ rug world today .

One piece i kept going back to is featured below .Lot # 150 , Eagle Karabaugh . Pre-sale estimate , £ 25-30,000.00 . The only thing in the offering i personally found engaging !

Walter , One wonders if they got their facelifts and eye work done in the same place ?

Saturday Hi-jinx ! 


Only one other thing to mention . Rippon – Boswell has a sale scheduled on Dec. 5th but there are no details on this yet ! 

Make exposing and identifying the leaders of “Antifa”  a number priority ! , ASAP . , Sheik Frederich , 2020 .

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Shitty movie o the week , The Gentlemen , 2019 . 4.5 poopsickles out of 5 . A ton of talent wasted on truly stupid flick ! 

Movie o the week , Nothing just nothing !

Song o the week , The Pretty Reckless , Death by Rock and Roll , single , 2020.

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