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To start the new week Skinner’s , Boston, Ma.’s 8 day online Spring rug and carpet production is up “on the line “ now and accepting bids till May 4th at 7pm. Not sure how this is gonna work out for them but they are really left with no other choice .  





So up to this point there are very few bids posted on the Skinner’s site by early bird , bottom feeders but on most of the better items the bids that have been posted do not even meet the very modest reserves yet !



Well it is now 7 pm in Boston and Skinner’s has pulled the plug on their online Spring major rug and carpet extravaganza and from where i am positioned it turned out far better than i expected it to. 

Here we go , out of thr 406 total lots offered only 80 failed to find new homes . A sold percentage of right at 80 % which is very good under these extreme conditions . Generally L. K. would work the phones a bit after the sale to get the sold percentage up a bit but since Skinner’s in a lock out phase i doubt this will come into play . 
Yes many of the lots that sold , sold very inexpensively but as it always is , sold is still sold . As it’s been for awhile now late Caucasian items were still weak and the Chinese pieces sold reasonably well but since there were not any particularly noteworthy ones in the selection prices were more subdued this time around .

Overall the Skinner’s folks should be very happy with outcome considering the twisted circumstances we are living through these days .

As usual a great job done by L.K. and the Skinner’s rug dept. in this particularly difficult rug market !  

That’s not to say there weren’t more than a handful of nice upside pops to lend excitement to the sale a few of the more interesting ones are featured below , 

Lot # 11 , Shaddah . Pre- sale estimate , $ 3-3,500.00 . Sold for an impressive $ 15,000.00 including comm. Nice for a fairly late piece .

Lot # 87 , Tekke mafrash . Pre- sale estimate , $ 8-1,000.00 . Sold for  $5,000.00 including comm. Another nice return for the consigner on a fairly fresh example !

Lot # 95 , Cloudband Beshire . Pre- sale estimate $ 1,5-2000.00 . Sold for  $11,875.00 . A decent price for a pretty snappy looking small main carpet ! 

Lot # 149 , Shirvan prayer . Pre- sale estimate $ 1,2 – 1,500.00 . Sold for a strong $ 9,375.00 . Nice return for the consigner on another fairly late but visually appealing  Caucasian prayer rug .

Lot # 170 , Shaddah , Pre- sale estimate $ 3-4,000.00 . Sold for an astonishing $13,750.00 . A very strong price for a turn of the century weaving .






Kivo Saturday !

Today’s “Rippon – Boswell” online sale in Weisbaden , Germany is nothing more than a foot note in history now.

For starters the sale inventory was for the most part middle of the road with nothing in the way of a star piece to excite the “Rug- Mob” .
Yes , there were plenty of decent condition mid-range items included to tempt you if you are a budget minded dealer or beginning collector .
One other thing worth noting the sale was overloaded with late Tibetan pieces if thats your area of interest.

All that said this offering went some what better than i expected considering the lackluster content of the auction. Apparently the late Tibetan rug market is stronger than i figured , at least on the continent ! 
Out of the total 168 lots offered only 49 failed to attract bidder attention. A sold percentage of right at 71% , very good considering the overall mediocre quality of the group in general .

As for the sale itself for the most part the things that sold , sold on the modest side and the large group of Tibetan items produced mixed results .

That’s not to say there were not a few interesting surprises which are featured below . And yes as you can see still issues with R-B photo downloads !

All in all a pretty good turn of events for D.M.and the Rippon- Boswell crew. 

Lot # 16 , Zeikhur rug . Pre- estimate € 2-300.00 . Sold for € 3,000.00 + comm. Nice for the consigner for sure .

Lot # 52 , Shirvan prayer . Pre- sale estimate € 850- 950.00 . Sold for a whopping € 5,500.00 + comm . A big number for a late Caucasian item ! 

Lot # 63 , Art Deco Japanese rug . Pre- sale estimate € 1,4 – 1,500.00 . Sold for € 3,000.00 + comm . Even with the harsh yellow ! 

Be Cool , stay safe but when the play calls for it “ live dangerous “ , Sheik Frederich , 2020.

Dog o the week ! 

Shitty movie o the week , Hustler’s ,2019 , 5 poopsickles out of 5 . Sorry , J Lo just has no acting talent what so ever ! 

Movie o the week , Lowrider’s , 2016 . You will get it , if you have been to Cali or New Mexico ! 

Song o the week , The B’zz , Get Up Get Angry on The B’zz , 2015. 


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