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Welcome to the best day of the Year ! 




Grogan Days are upon us ! 
Todays sale is in the bag and it turned out very well for Mr Grogan and staff as far a sold percentage goes . Out of the total 107 lots offered only 17 failed to find buyers . A sold percentage of about 82% , very good considering it’s the tail end of the fall 2019 rug auction season .  
This was a fairly small offering and there was not a superstar lot to get the rug- mob buzzing so prices fetched were for the most part in line with pre-sale estimates but there were a couple of upside pops to liven things up a bit. Note lot #’s 23 and especially # 58. A hefty price for this somewhat late date and not particularly good looking Turkmen item , in my opinion ! 
As for the 2 lots i featured in the sale review one sold one did not .

Lot # 29 , Bakshish cpt. Pre-sale est. $5-7,000.00 . Sold for $ 9,760.00 including comm. A fair price for a well known piece! 

Lot # 98 , East Anatolian divan cover . Pre- sale est. $ 3-5,000.00 . Unsold , restoration might have held this one back!  

So there you have an other small but well done production by Mr Grogan and staff . Hopefully they stay in the game the rug market in the U.S. needs them !  







Travel day , NYC !




Ready for the return , the O.C. 

Here we go with the “Liveauctioneer’s” posted results of “Henry’s Auktionshaus AG” , Mutterstadt , Germany’s 40th Anniversary rug and carpet to pretty much finish off the 2019 fall rug auction season ! 
Out of the 380 total items run across the auctioneer’s podium approximately 268 ended up finding new homes according to the unaudited , current posted results . A sold percentage of right at a very respectable 71% considering many of the pieces offered had very little in the way of any age at all . Early to mid 20th century at best. 

As for the sale itself there was nothing in the way of an upside pop to excite the crowd and many of the items that did sell brought very conservative prices to say the least . A couple of things worth noting .
Tibetan pieces seemed to do very well . Not particularly strong prices fetched , but selling well none the less !

One other thing Caucasian lots were weak but again there was not a piece of any merit in the selection.

As for the lot’s i featured in the sale review all 3 found new homes .

Lot # 105 , Pao Tao rug . Pre-sale est. € 2,1-3,200.00 . Sold just over the high est. at € 3,400.00 . Obammer would be proud !

Lot # 250 Early Tibetan frag. Pre-sale est. € 550-1,200.00 . Sold for a very reasonable € 850.00 .

Lot # 247 Arabachi ensi . Pre- sale est. € 7,1- 8,500.00 . Sold for € 12,000.00 . Closest thing to an upside burst and the high water mark of the whole sale ! 

So there you have it a reasonably successful , but boring rug and carpet auction in the books at Henry’s Auktionhaus AG . Still a decent job so a “tip of the hat” to the Henry’s staff for a modestly commendable production! 





Well it appears Udo and the gang at A.A.C.are already getting ready to start the New Year off with a little fireworks .

Two sales are currently in the starting blocks .

First up , another one of their popular mid- range sales with conservative starting points scheduled on Jan. 20th at their Vienna gallery. This sale features 278 lots similar to the 7 previous sales in 2019. Decent merchandise type pieces with very reasonable pre-sale estimates to give buyers with limited resources a chance have an opportunity against the dealers out there . Unfortunately nothing in this group for serious collectors , however? 

The next sale scheduled on Mar.21st is listed as , “Fine Antique Oriental Rugs XIX”  and should feature items directed more toward the serious collectors of the world so it something to look forward to. No details on this yet .




Your latest Sunday “ Kivo” 


Headlong into to the lengthy holiday week ! 



Dog o the week !

Dim Sh**’s , looks like you got hit by a truck and the driver didn’t stop ! , Boo Yah ! , Sheik Frederich , 2019.

Shitty movie o the week , Nothing stinky for the moment but i am sure that will change shortly ! 

Movie o the week , It Happened on 5th Avenue , 1947. With the beautiful Gale Storm . Relevant today , pay attention .

Song o the week , Wednesday 13 , Decompose on Necrophaze , 2019.


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