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Well i have to tell you today’s “Connoisseur Collection” rug and carpet auction at Sotheby’s , London auction gallery went far better for Ms Coulter and the Sotheby’s rug dept. than i ever imagined it would . I thought because so many of the better lots had recent auction history it would hurt the sale results but this was certainly not the case on this occasion .
They were “swinging for the fences” with this offering and maybe it wasn’t quite a home run but a triple for sure. So a “tip of the hat” to them on a job well done ! 

Out of the 116 total lots run across the podium only 27 failed to attract bidding activity . A sold percentage of right at 77%,  well over what i figured might be the final outcome . Granted the prices fetched were all over the place with some over the high estimate but also a fair number of items sold very reasonable if not actually cheap .

A few of the sale high lights did take off a bit and are featured below .

Lot # 51 , Chinese silk cpt. Pre- sale est. £ 10-15,000.00 . Sold for £ 35,000.00 . These once unsalable unpopular items continue to bring very strong prices in the current market !

Lot # 97 , Star Oushak cpt. Pre- sale est. £ 65- 90,000.00 . Sold for £ 150,000.00. I don’t quite get this one ( early ) but very stiff to my eye , however the market felt very differently about it . 

Lot # 116 , Lotto cpt. Pre -sale est. £ 150- 250,000.00 . Sold for £ 237,500.00 . A strong price for a piece that although early is thin and missing on all 4 sides! 

So there you have it. A very successful turn of event’s for the Sotheby’s rug dept. I just wonder if the collector who put the pieces up for sale is also happy with the final outcome ?




Rippon day has arrived .

So we are off to the races ! 

The excursion is over and the “liveauctioneer’s” unaudited results are live “on the line “ for you to ponder.
From where i sit the overall sale went very well for D.M. , Mr Zaleski and the Rippon staff . Out of the 162 total lots offered for your bidding entertainment only about 52 lots failed to attract buyer attention , however i am fairly sure the after auction sale might pop that number up a bit. This works out to a sold percentage of right at 68% . Not anything to truly get excited about but considering some of the prices fetched a very good showing . As you would also expect with all sales of this nature some things also sold at what might be considered conservative prices .
One other thing certainly worth mentioning. 

There were a number of very nice upside pops to create a little excitement. Note lot numbers 3,11,14,15 ,17 and 91 a few of which are featured below . 

Lot # 11 , Farahan saddle cover. Pre-sale est. € 2,3-2,400.00 . Sold for € 12,000.00 plus comm. Well deserved in my humble opinion!

Lot # 17 , Shirvan prayer rug . Pre-sale est. € 6,4-6,500.00 . Sold for a very mind boggling € 24,000.00 plus comm. Nice but a surprise to me !

Lot # 95 , Pinwheel Kazak cpt. Per-sale est. € 29,900- 30,000.00 . Sold for € 62,000.0 plus comm. I did not think this type of piece was particularly popular anymore , surprise , surprise ! 

As for the 3 lots i featured in the sale review all found new homes .

Lot # 3 , Shahsevan bag face . Pre- sale est. € 1,1-1,200.00. Sold for a very strong € 3,400.00 plus comm. 

Lot # Baluch prayer rug . Pre- sale est. € 1,7-1,800.00 . Sold just below the zone at € 1,600.00 plus comm.

Lo # Sarab cpt. Pre- sale est. € 1,4-1,500.00 . Again sold just below the zone at € 1,200.00 plus comm .

All said and done a good days work D.M. and staff , Bravo to you all ! 


The day before the best “day o the year” !

You’re Sunday “Kivo”  to brighten your day !!! 

Dog o the week ?

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Shitty movie o the week , Once again clear !

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