Rapistan Review


Still stuck in the 2018 doldrums !

One update worth a line .

Rippon – Boswell is now on the boards with a Major Autumn sale scheduled on Nov. 23rd at their Wiesbaden Gallery . 


Since it’s so slow i am gonna try something different ! 

The week in photos in my “opinion” to keep the drive alive  ? 

To start with ! 

Unfortunate news in the racing world. 

Via con Dios ,Jessi Combs perished today following a crash while trying to break her own Woman’s land speed record of 477.59 mph . You passed doing what you loved and will be remember for it ! 

The lack of activity just burns me up ?



You know the drill on this one ?


Tragically more unfortunate news from the racing world !

Rest in Peace , Anthoine Hubert , Formula 2 driver passed away in a crash today at Spa – Francorchamps 2019 Formula 2 championships prior to Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix . Far too young at 22 years of age.




Labor Day HyJinx !

Eye’s on !

Dog o the week .

Sorry folks , it’s holiday weekend but i for one am sick and tired of bad news on all levels day in and day out ! , Sheik Frederich , 2019.

Shitty movie o the week , Bohemian Rhapsody , 2018. 3 poopsickles out of 5 . Yes i am aware it’s a good cast and well made movie but it ‘s just not a good portrayal of the great Freddie Mercury , in my humble opinion ! 

Movie o the week , Hitsville – The Making of Motown , 2019 . This one’s a real winner !!!

Song o the week , Amon Amarth , Raven’s Flight on Berserker , 2019 .

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