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More unfortunate news to start the week ! 

Via con Dios , Andreas Nikcolaus ( Nicki ) Lauda . Three time Formula One champion and all time great racing legend . You are all ready missed , but never forgotten ! 


Excursion preparations underway . 


Arrived early , but substantial traffic negates all time gains !


Great weather to start the day. 

On the streets and everybody i meet up with is in a particularly good mood .

A few of positive items have presented themselves so far.


A handful of items purchased but far from a wildly successful venture on the East Coast this time ! 


Saddled up and on the way home ! 

But more important to the members of the international rug and carpet community todays Rippon – Boswell “ Major “ spring rug, carpet and textile sale is under way as we speak . 

Now we wait for the results ! 

So the unaudited results are live “ on the line “ at Liveauctioneer’s now and it looks like a moderately successful outing for Mr Maltzahn and staff. Out of the 253 total lots offered approximately 102 failed to garner bidding interest . A sold percentage of about 60% .Not bad , but not great either . 

On the bright side there were a few exceptional upside pops , note lot #’s 79 , 100 and of course lot number 135 ! 

Said and done a decent job turned in by the R.B. Staff ! 

Lot # 135 , “Scheibe”  Holbein cpt. Pre-sale est. € 23,9- 24,000.00 . Sold for € 180.000.00 . Easily the high water mark of the sale ! 

As for the lots i featured in the sale review 3 sold , 1 did not .

Lot # 41, Ningxia mat . Pre-sale est. € 2,2-2,300.00 . Sold for a well deserved € 5,000.00 . 

Lot # 61, Turkmen mafrash . Pre-sale est. € 5,7- 5,800.00 . Sold for € 8,500.00 and well worth it ! 

Lot # 88, Ningxia runner . Pre- sale est. € 8,9- 9,000.00 . Passed , condition issues ? 

Lot # 142 , Yomut kap . Pre- sale est. € 3,9-4,000. Sold for € 4,200.00 . In the zone.


Two things to consider today ! 

For starters the flight home . Smooth and on time .

And more unfortunate news to report upon returning home .

Rest in Peace !  Bart Starr , legendary quarterback and coach of the Green Bay Packers and of course Hall of Famer . 2 time Super bowl winner  ( 1 and 2 ) and coach for 9 years . Your accomplishments will keep your legacy alive for ever ! 

On a more light-er note , Awesome finish to today’s Indy 500 race !!! 




Freeman’s Auction , Philadelphia , Pa. held their “International” sale today that included 38 various oriental rugs and carpets one of which is worth a few lines .

9:05 am Cali. time. 

Well ,the wait is over and the results are in.

Even with a 15 page analysis by the legendary A.U. Pope lot # 120 only managed to sell for $ 16,900.00 all in . I really thought this piece would do much better but there were some condition issues that may have affected the outcome , or someone got a pretty good deal on a rare and unusual carpet ? 

Lot # 120 , Josheghan carpet , early 19th century.  Pre- sale estimate $ 10-20,000.00 . Exceptional provenance and possibly unique.  

Today’s parting shot ! 

Henry’s Auktionshaus , Mutterstadt , Germany has a rug and carpet sale scheduled on June 8th , 2019 that features 442 total lots of all manner of items for you to consider . After multiple passes through the sale inventory my first though is it’s way over loaded with Chinese and Tibetan pieces and a few of them are easily the most interesting items in the sale . 

Next , to my eye everything else in the auction is for the most part , good condition , late pieces suitable for the European retail market . Not a top shelf collectors piece in the whole sale to indulge or excite the fickle international rug- mob. 

One positive note on the overall offering . The pre- sale starting points seem to be for the most party fairly realistic with quite a few apparently having no reserve , better than nothing ! 

My final opinion of this sale is,  it’s a large group of uninteresting pieces that if you are a serious collector you don’t need to worry about unless you are interested in Chinese or Tibetan pieces .

Dog o the week , 

                                          Here’s Lookin at Yah , Kid ! 

What’s it like to be “A Stranger in a Stranger in a Land” and you can’t “Find My Way Home” ?   Sheik Frederich , 2019.

Shitty movie o the week , Beyond White Space , 2018. 4.5 poopsickles out of 5 . Lot of cute girls but incredibly stupid !

Movie o the week, Streets of Fire , 1984. 

Song o the week , Georgia Satellites , Keep Your Hands to Yourself on The Georgia Satellites , 1986. 

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