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A.A.C. Is back at it with their 3rd rug auction of 2019 , Fine Antique Oriental Rugs XV , scheduled on May 18th at their Vienna , Austria auction gallery . This production includes 215 total lots of all types of rugs , carpets , textiles and flat weaves . 

So here we go !

After multiple passes through the sale inventory my initial impression is the group is somewhat superior to the previous 2 sales . Not as much in the way of commercial decorative filler items included in the group and thankfully a modestly interesting selection of reasonably priced bona fide collectors pieces . 

There are however a few other things to consider .

First off Mr Langhauer has keep up with his recent trend and kept the starting points on the very consevative side to fan the bidding flames . Which is of course good . 

Next , unfortunately once again there are no clear cut , topshelf collectors items to get the international rug collectors excited . The most interesting pieces in the sale inventory are for the most part fragmentary . Some pretty good ones but still fragments .

Overall and in my opinion only this is a far more compelling selection than the two earlier sales which to me is a step back in the right direction for A.A.C. . Now lets see if it pays off as well considering how successful the first two sales of the year were for them ? 

A couple lots i did go back to multiple times are featured below .

Lot # 182 , Ningxia Frag. Pre-sale starting point , € 200.00 . Rough but scarce. 

Lot # 187 , Konya Frag. Pre-sale starting point , € 200.00 . Again distressed , but these used to be very popular ! 


Skinner’s “major”  rug and carpet sale is under way and at the half way point the sale is doing fairly well  . Not quite at the level of the previous 2 auctions that featured the “Newman coll.” pieces but good none the less  . 

That’s a wrap and the final outcome is very positive for Mr Kearney and the Skinner’s rug dept . At the finish not wholly as successful as the “Newman coll. complete sales totals but certainly a very good turn of events for them  .

Out of the 382 + lots run across the podium only approxamately 68 failed to find new homes . A sold percentage of right at 82 %. Very respectable for an offering of this size in a somewhat stagnate rug market . 

A couple of other things to consider !

First up ,  there were plenty of aggressive upside pops to lend excitement to the sale , note lot #’s ,15 , 19, 22, 28, 67,117,124 and 214 to name a few .

Next up , the Turkmens in the sale were weak as far as quality goes in general so that lead to modest sales overall and weak prices on those that did end up selling .

All that said this sale should be considered a very successful production for L.K. and crew which is certainly good for the overall rug market so , keep up the good work and KUDOs to you ! 

Concerning the 3 lots i featured in the earlier post all sold and well over their high estimates but still quite affordable ! 

Lot # 22 , Caucasian prayer kelim . Pre- est. $ 1-1,500.00 . Sold for a very reasonable $ 6765.00 . Nice for the new owner .

Lot # 113 , Holbein cpt. frag . Pre-sale est. $4-5,000.00. Sold for $5,535.00 . Condition issues or some one got a deal ? 

Lot # 266 , Kurdish / Varamin salt bag . Pre- sale est. $ 1-1,200.00 . Sold for $3321.00 . Very realistic .

That , as they say is in fact that. Next in line , “on the line” is  Christie’s and Sotheby’s . What more could you want !

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If elected as president of Fresh , Clear , Wild Party my first act would be to add a stripper pole to the oval office so A. O. C. could  make some extra $$$$$ , boo yah  ! , Sheik Frederich , 2019

Shitty movie o the week , 4/20 Massacre , 2018 . 5 out of 5 poopsickles . Seriously unwatchable ! 

Movie o the week , Alpha , 2018 . A real winner !

Song o the week , Autograph , I Lost My Mind in America on Get Off Your Ass , 2017. 


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