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Nothing fresh so far this week but plenty of action next week ! 






Udo and the gang at A.A.C. are holding what appears to be an end of the year house cleaning sale at their gallery on Dec. 15th in Vienna , Austria. The sale consist of 192 total of all types of rugs , carpets and textile/ flatweave items . Unfortunately unless you’r on a budget , a beginner or dealer looking for shop stock this sale is just not for you . Nothing at all in the way of a serious collectors item or top shelf decorative carpet . Just a varied selection of mid to low end merchandise . A lot of work for the A.A.C. rug dept. but with no meat to attract the ever hungry rug carnivore’s. Look if your’e bored and must see everything . 


Sunday shines , so drink your Milk ! 


Greatest day in the history of mankind !!! 




Costa Mesa today ! 

Stockholms Auktionsverks , Stockholm , Sweden held a general antique sale today that featured 19 rugs , carpets and textile/tapestry lots , most of which were for the most part were unimportant but there was one lot that was worth mentioning. 

Lot # 108 , Salor trapping. Pre- sale estimate € 10,250.00 – 15,400.00 . The piece was estimated very conservative and ended up selling  for approximately € 82,423.00 depending on the conversion rate from SEK . Most likely slightly older than their date , a reasonable purchase for the new owner , in my opinion. 




The “ROCK” still rolls on ! 


Well the day you been “wait-in” for is here and the “Skinner’s” winter rug and textile spectacular is underway . 

Up to this point it’s going pretty well for L.K.and the Skinner’s rug dept. but lets just see where we end up. 

Past the half way point and this looks to be a very successful endeavor for Skinner’s and the Newman estate !

Fini , 

As i figured this is a bonified end of the season winner for L.K. and staff .

Out of the 309 total lots offered up for your bidding pleasure only approximately 34 did not find new homes .As far as the R.N. lots in the sale go , about 6 did not sell which is a little more than Pt 1 but the pieces that did not sell were fairly insignificant . A sold percentage of right at 89% , right in line with all other L. K. offerings since he’s been at Skinner’s . As for the sale itself Caucasian pieces still seem to be on the soft side as far items sold and prices fetched but there were no standout pieces to excite Caucasian rug collectors. 

Concerning the Newman part of the sale as i stated in the previous post there would not be, in my opinion quite the fireworks this time out in comparison to P.T. 1 . Like i also figured most of the upside surprises were in the Chinese items , as expected . The Turkmen lots in the sale inventory were not quite up to the quality and desirability as the first group so they did not garner the excitement . 

There were still a number of very nice upside pops to make the sale interesting , lot #’s 53, 58, 66, 71, 145, 147, ,151, 155, 219, and 279 did very well . 

All in all a good job done by the Skinner’s staff so a “tip of the hat” to them . 

As for the lots i featured in the sale review all sold 4 very well , one just pretty good . 

Lot # 66 , Ottoman prayer kelim . Pre- sale est. $2-3,000.00 . Sold for $ 10,455.00 

Lot # 71 , Anatolian rug frag . Pre- sale est. $ 5-6,000.00 . Sold for a well deserved $ 17,220.00 . Somewhat better than i thought it would do but good for them . 

Lot # 145 , Dragon saddle cover . Pre- sale est. $1,5-1,800.00 . Sold for $ 19,680.00 as expected . As i stated earlier my favorite Chinese piece in the sale . 

Lot # 147 , Kangxi mat . Pre- sale est. $1,2-1,500.00 . Sold for a very well deserved $ $ 22,140.00 . 

Lot # 149 , Chinese saddle rug .Pre- sale est. $ 8-1,200.00 . Sold for $1,722.00 . Condition may have held this piece down. 

Not much to look forward to in the near future accept for the A.A.C sale on Dec. 15th till the spring ! 

Winter doldrums are upon us !  

Nothing else to do but enjoy the holidays ! 

Dog o the week ! 


When you can no longer say anything to anyone for fear someone will be offended perhaps political correctness should be taken out to the pasture and put to sleep !! , Sheik Frederich , 2018

Shitty movie o the week . Chips , 2017 . 5 poopsickles out of 5 . The series stunk but this movie is so bad it makes the series look good !

Movie o the week , Slim “pickens” 

Song o the week , Death Angel , Into the Arms of Righteous Anger on Relentless Retribution , 2010 .


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