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Go with the grace of God , Willie McCovey . Hall of Fame’r and San Francisco Giants great . Gone now , but never forgotten ! 




“Sunday Fun” , somethings just can’t be explained !!!




Today was the highly anticipated Sotheby’s , London’s fall major “Rug and Carpet” sale and from an overall stand point i think it was something of a mixed / mediocre outcome . Out of the 164 total lots offered for sale only approximately 86 found new homes . A sold percentage of right at 53% . Passable but hardly anything to “pat yourself on the back” about ! 

For starters my first impression is that commercial type Caucasian items and run of the mill decorative pieces in general were on the weak side . The better Chinese lots and for the most part all of the early lots , fragmented or not in the sale inventory were the strength of the of this current endeavor.

That said there were more than a handful of items that sold for substantial prices with at least 9 lots  { #’s 3,5,28,29,30,31,34,45,47 }  that could be considered serious upside surprises for the consigners .

So you would have to conclude all though total lots sold was on the modest side prices fetched on many of the pieces that found new homes was commendable .

All in , “kudos” to Ms Coulter and the Sotheby’s rug dept. on a job reasonably well done ! 

As for the lots i featured it was a dismal failure on all counts .

Lot # 6 , Oushak Cloudband fragment . Pre-sale estimate £ 20-30,000.00 . Withdrawn with no explanation .

Lot # 78 , Karabaugh embroidery . Pre- sale estimate £ 8-12,000.00 . Unsold .

Lot # 107 , Kazak rug . Pre-sale estimate £ 20-30,000.00 . Unsold . High expectations or been around the track once too often ?






Groganco , Boston , Ma. held a general antique auction today that included 12 oriental rugs and one American Indian textile .

For the most part the rugs were of no consequence except for one bag face and in my opinion the Navaho blanket was the most interesting item in the group. 

Not much really but better than nothing on a slow Sunday afternoon . 

That being said 2 items did pop a bit and are featured below .

Lot # 468 , Navaho rug . Pre-sale estimate $ 8-1,200.00 . Sold for $ 3,750.00 + comm. Minor color run and damage but great eye appeal. 

Lot # 473 , Kurd bag face . Pre- sale estimate $ 2-300.00 . Sold for 1,700.00 + comm. . Again modest damage but a popular design. Hopefully the colors are all good . 


R I P , Stan Lee , Marvel comics legend . Your body of work will keep your memory alive for ever ! 






That’ s a wrap for todays “Rippon – Boswell”  fall rug and carpet classic and it ends with an only “fair to middling” result with just 147 items selling out of a total offering of 273 lots . A sold percentage of approximately 53% , decent at best . Keep in mind these are “Liveauctioneer’s” figures and they could change in either direction , but still nothing to get excited about . 

As for the sale itself there were no real fireworks to make this a notable outcome , only 3 lots could be considered to have made serious upside pops , lot #’s 49, 104 and 162 . 

One small thing worth mentioning . The Chinese lots in the inventory were on the weak side which is a bit unusual lately but then they were not up to the level of the items in some of the previous fall seasons sales . Quality is everything at this moment ! 

All said and done another decent R.B. sale is in the books and we look forward to better days a head next year and a more interesting assortment ! 

Still a good production by D. M. and the Rippon rug dept. !   

As for the two lots i featured in a previous both sold , one well , one not so much . 

Lot # 49 , Ersari ensi pre- sale est. a modest € 2-400.00 . Sold for a well deserved € 4,200.00 . I figured it would sell well but this was certainly nice surprise for the consigner ! 

Lot # 226 , Karachov Kazak . Pre- sale est. € 13-1,500.00 . Sold in the zone at € 1,300.00 . It was in distressed condition but with good color and layout ! 

The week ends on a high note ! 


Dog o the week !

The election is over but the “Torture Never Stops” . Time to shut the f-up ! , Sheik Frederich , 2018. 

Shitty movie o the week , Thankfully no Sh*t this week ! 

Movie o the week , Unlocked , 2017. 

Song o the week , Little Steven , Los Desaparecidos , ( The Disappeared Ones ) on Voice of America , 1983 . 

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