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To start the new week we have a little more fall auction activity .

Sotheby’s , London’s , “Arts of the Islamic World “ scheduled on Oct. 24th is a-live and “kickin” now .

To start with the sale features 255 total lots of all types of Islamic items but nothing in the way of oriental rugs and carpets . There are a few textile lots of which i though only one was worth mentioning and reviewed below.

Other than that , unless your interested in Islamic art objects this sale is not for you , that is unless you just have to see everything .

Lot # 133 , Ottoman Velvet “Cintamani” pattern velvet fragment . Pre- sale est. £ 20-30,000.00 . Decent condition and fairly scarce item but not a particularly inexpensive starting point , in my opinion ! 




Next up another  Sotheby’s , London update , the big one !

Their fall major rug and carpet production is up and visible now for your “Rug-Mob” viewing experience ?  

Well lets just see where we will start on this one . 

The sale is compromised of 164 lots of a decent but not comprehensive selection of pieces from most of the popular weaving areas . Heavy on Chinese / Khotan pieces (21)  and “classic type items , some notable , some not so much . 

Nevertheless the sale is woefully weak on anything in the way of Turkmen , Baluch or collectable South Persian items . There are however plenty of Persian city pieces and roomsize carpets for the dealer , decorator crowd .

After multiple pass’s through the auction inventory i am left with the feeling there is just not that much that really appeals to my collecting taste . No , i am not saying this isn’t an admirable selection with a nice assortment of better pieces , just lacking in things i would want to own. 

After all’s said and done  Ms Coulter and the Sotheby’s , London Rug Dept. in a rug market that finds good , fresh pieces hard to come by have assembled a fairly impressive line up of pieces that should do well. 

Good Luck to them ! 

A few items that did give me pause are featured below . 

Lot # 6 , Oushak cloudband frag . Pre-sale est. £ 20- 30,000.00 . Awesome colors !

Lot # 78 , Karabaugh Embroidery . Pre-sale est. £ 8-12,000.00 . Not the very best but still scarce with interesting provenance .

Lot # 107 , Kazak rug . Pre -sale est. £ 20-30,000.00 . A very snappy item but possibly out of fashion these days , still my favorite item of the whole offering .  



Last but not least . 

Pt. 2 of the Ronnie Newman Coll. is now scheduled on Dec 9th 2018. Based on Pt. 1 this should be as good or better . 


Sunday shine ! 


Dog o the week !

S.J.W. may just be real A- Holes and would not know justice if they stepped in it. Sheik Frederich, 2018. 

Shitty movie o the week , Basic Instinct 2 , 2006 . Basic Instinct 1 was a decent movie but 2 is just a big payday for S.S. In my opinion. 

Movie o the week , Chef , 2014. 

Song o the week , Burning Witches , Hexenhammer on Hexenhammer , 2018. 

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