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Tragic news to start the week !

Via con Dios ,  Famed French vocalist Charles Aznavour passed away today at the age of  94 . An international legend ,  he will certainly be missed by anyone who appreciates music ,  but fear not sir , your legacy in the arts world will live on ! 


Next up on the 2018 fall rug auction calendar , Christie’s , London’s , “Arts of the Islamic and Indian Worlds including Oriental Rugs and Carpets”  is live “ on the line” now for your viewing pleasure .The sale features 382 total lots of which include approximately 29 textiles and susani’s and 104 rugs and carpets . 

So after multiple passes through the sale inventory it appears to be a reasonably diverse group with East Turkestan (H. Konig coll. items )  and Persian city items well represented but being “very” weak on notable Turkmen pieces . 

There are also 3 classic Lotto carpets one of which ( lot# 307 ) is the piece i featured in the blog on 7//17/17 which sold at the “Leslie Hindman Auction Gallery” in Chicago , Ill.  Listed at the “Hindman” sale as Caucasian with a pre-sale estimate of $3-500.00 it did much better ! Check the blog post , all the details are there . 

As for the textiles and susani’s there are some better pieces but nothing that really peaked my interest .

All that said and done in a time when good , fresh , items are hard to come by for everyone Ms Broadhurst and the Christie’s rug dept. did a pretty good job assembling this selection  . Not much in the way of things i would want but still a fairly wide-ranging assortment . 

So here you go with a few pieces that caught my and i thought were at least moderately noteworthy are posted below. 

Lot # 217 , Iznik Cintamani tile . Pre-sale estimate £ 30-50,000.00 . Not a rug but still my favorite piece in the whole sale !  

Lot # 230 , Ottoman quilt panel . Pre- sale estimate £ 10-15,000.00 . Yes , i said the textile selection was uninteresting but this one grew on me ? 

Lot # 286 , Khotan frag . Pre-sale estimate £3-5000.00 . A very reasonable pre-sale est. considering it’s a Konig piece and a fairly scarce design but as always it’s not where you start is’s where you finish ! 

Lot # 324 , Silk Farahan rug . Pre-sale estimate £ 4-6,000.00 . Gaudy to the point that it’s kinda cool ! 



Now for the one you have all been waiting for ! 

Skinner’s , Boston , Ma. , Oct. 21st , fall rug, carpet and textile spectacular featuring Pt.1 of the “Ronnie Newman” coll.is up and running on the Skinner’s website . The sale includes 330 total lots of as usual a wide selection from all major rug and textile weaving areas . Pt.1 of the R.Newman Coll. features approximately 135+ lots and it is certainly the highlight of the entire sale . The rest of the items are standard Skinner’s type pieces with unfortunately nothing to get excited about . Yes , there are some better things but nothing that truly stands out . 

One thing that does standout about sale is the very conservative and reasonable pre-sale estimates on the Newman Coll. items . How L.K. pulled this one off is not known but it will certainly lead to plenty of competion on those particular pieces . 

Up to this point this is the high water mark of the fall, 2018 auction season , but as always things could change !

Kudos to L.K. and Skinner’s for the realistic buying opportunity but it’s still not where you start , as always it’s where you finish !

As you would surmise there are plenty of stellar lots in this sale inventory . I can’t post everything i liked but a few i kept going back to are featured below .

Lot # 42 , Yomut juval . Pre- sale estimate $ 8-1,000.00 . Very scarce and in fairly good condition , should do well. .

Lot # 55 , Ningshia mat . Pre-sale estimate $ 2-3,000.00 . A great one that should fly.

Lot # 140 , Chinese silk saddle cover .  Pre-sale estimate $ 4-5,000.00 . Easily one of the rarest things in the sale ! 

Lot # 151 , Ningshia mat . Pre-sale estimate $ 1-2,000.00 . Another great one .

Lot # 197 , Saryk juval . Pre-sale estimate $1-1,200.00 . Poor condition but a real winner . My favorite piece in the whole sale , if it matters ! 



Happy , Happy , Joy , Joy !  


She’s like a Rainbow ! 

Dog o the week !  


10/6/18 , A great day to be in the U.S.of A.! ,  Sheik Frederich , 2018 .

Shitty movie o the week , Thankfully no shit this week ! 

Movie o the week , 12 Strong , 2018. 

Song o the week , Warrel Dane , Disconnection System on Shadow Work , 2018. 

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