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We forge smack ahead into the summer doldrums ! 


Last battle till the fall season ! 

Grogan Co , Boston , Ma’s early summer sale featuring 60 lots from the “Ned Long” collection plus aditional added lots is live “ on the line” now for your viewing pleasure .

After a multitude of passes through the sale i have come to this conclusion . The “Ned Long” group of items is decent but unfortunately does not include any top shelf pieces to get the “rug mob “ buzzing. Plenty of nice clean mid-level items but not one serious collectors piece. Don’t get me wrong it’s my opinion Ned Long has been part of the rug collecting scene for quite awhile and i expected at least a few real barn burners but alas that’s not the case this time around . 

Holding some back or already sold, who knows but i just expected a few stellar lots in the sale inventory .

Nothing particularly interesting in the added lots either but still a reasonably nice group with a good amount of clean respectable merchandise to consider at the end of the spring season and nothing serious on the schedule till the fall . 

On a positive note , as is Mr Grogan’s M O the pre-sale estimates are on the conservative side for the most part and this may well be a collection offered with out reserves so the market will set itself and maybe there will be a bargain to be had ! 

A couple lots that did peak my curiosity are posted below. 

Lot # 43 , Tekke torba. Pre- sale estimate a very fair $ 5-1,000.00 . Negligible condition but still a very good example , in my opinion. 

Lot # 65 , Turkmen frag. Pre- sale estimate again a realistic $ 1-2,000.00 . So if it matters to anyone of the 2 pieces i featured it was close but this is my pick of the litter ! 




The beginning of the 4th of July holiday week celebration .

Lets get the bang- in going ! 



Sunday’s come and gone !

In the free world today “FREE SPEECH” is the most important thing but keep in mind you must also be ready to back up what you say at all costs ! , Sheik Frederich , 2018.

Dog o the week ! 

Shitty movie o the month , American Made , 2017. Another Tom Cruise bomb if you know the real story !

Movie o the week , The Pursuit of Happiness  2006 . The Chris Gardener story . Easily one of Will Smith’s best endeavors ! 

Song o the week , Holiday 2-fer :

Grand funk Railroad , We’re an American Band on Caught in the Act , Live , 1976 .

Jackyl , We’re an American Band on Choice Cuts , 1998 . 

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