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It’s the end of the road for today’s Austria Auction Co. “Fine Antique Oriental Rugs XI” sale and a bit of a lonely road it was for Mr Langauer and the A.A.C. Rug dept. According to“Liveauctioneer’s”posted results out of the 103 total lots offered for sale only 37 ended up attracting any bidding attention . A dismal sold percentage of right at 35 %. Hardly a money making proposition ? And unfortunately for A.A.C. most all the items that did sell , sold at or below their low pre- sale estimates .

Granted, i am sure Udo and Co. are working the phones in the after sale to pump up the numbers but it appears they have plenty of ground to make up. 

That said it’s still nice to see they are still in the game and continue pitching , better Luck next time ! 

As for the lot i featured in the previous post it did find a new home , but well under the low pre- sale estimate .

Lot # 44 Eagle Gul Torba . Pre- dale est. € 15-20,000.00 . Sold for a very realistic € 12,000.00 + comm. Nice for the new owner , not so much for the unlucky consignor ! 


Palais Dorotheum’s “A.Besim Coll.” auction just wrapped up and considering it was just the day after the A.A.C.sale it still managed to put up somewhat better numbers . Out of the 152 lots run over the podium 83 ended up finding new homes. A sold percentage of 54%. Better than the previous days sale but unfortunately nothing to get excited about either . Going over the results there were no real up side surprises to spark excitement but for the most part the lots that sold , sold over their pre-sale starting points which is a positive outcome in my opinion. All said and done just another run of the mill rug auction ! 

As for the items i featured in the previous blog post both sold .

Lot # 78 , Tibetan khaden . Pre- sale stating point , € 1,200.00 . Sold for € 2,750.00 including comms. Over the realistic opening point but not a surprise . 

Lot # 120 Khorasan frag . Pre- sale starting point € 350.00 . Sold for € 450.00 including comm. Very reasonable .

As i figured lot # 58 , Selendi Bird Ushak , pre-sale starting point € 500,000.00 failed to attract any bidding action . Maybe this ones been around the block once to often ! 

Next in line ! 

John Moran Auctioneer’s , Pasadena Ca. held a sale titled “Art of the American West” today that featured one lot worth a mention .

Lot # 2202 . Navaho Classic period child’s blanket . Pre-Bosque Redondo , prior to 1850  . Pre-sale estimate $15-25,000.00 . Sold for a well deserved $ 93,750.00 including comm. Not in the best condition but certainly the most interesting Navaho textile to turn up in the last few years ! Easily the highlight of an otherwise mundane sale. 



Via Con Dios , Charles Krauthammer . Your incite ,humor and knowledge with be both missed but also remembered . 


If this bothers you , you have to much time on your hands . Get busy and do something !

Protect “FREE SPEECH” at alll costs !


More bad news in the metal world to end the week . 

Rest in Peace , Vincent Paul Abbott AKA “Vinnie Paul” founding member and dummer extraordinary of metal giants , Pantera , DamagePlan and Hellyeah . Far to young at 54 !


Heading into the summer slow period ! 

As you can see even “ignorant” comments are welcome ! , Sheik Frederich , 2018.

Dog o the week.

Shitty movie o the month , Knight and Day , 2010 . 5 poopsickles out of 5 , dumb and dumber ! Easily one of the worst Tom Cruise movie’s ever . 

Movie o the week , Finding Forrester , 2001.

Song o the week , Madball , Rev Up on For the Cause , 2018.

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