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Well todays  spring “Netherhampton Salesrooms”  rug auction is in the books and unfortunately for Ms Barrett and the rug dept. it’s one more mediocre turn of events similar to most of their previous outings . Out of the total 417 lots offered up for sale only 214 items attracted any bidding attention . A hardly passable 51% sold total . Not a complete and total disaster but getting close and slightly worse than the previous few Netherhampton sales . One other thing worth mentioning only 6 items popped over the £ 1,000.00 level. Also nothing at all in the way of an upside surprise to garner any excitement ! 

“Kudos” to Ms Barrett and the Netherhampton rug dept. but unless they start getting better quality merchandise to create a buzz how much longer can the continue down this path with the rug market flooded with low end merchandise . How could this possibly worth the time and effort other than cash flow  ? 
















Viva Dinesh D’Souza 



Liveauctioneer’s results are live “ on the line” now for today’s Rippon – Boswell  “Major Spring Sale” and if these posted number are even close to accurate the auction did not go well at all. I expected a better outcome from this sale but it was not to be , at least up to this point but i am sure Mr Maltzahn is working the phones after the sale to get the numbers up a bit and by the time he post the audited results they may be a bit better .

As for the 2 lots i featured in the previous post both sold.

Lot # 48 , Baluch bag face. Pre- sale estimate € 5,4- 5,500.00 . Sold for € 4,800.00 plus comm. Slightly under the low estimate and what seems to be a decent number for the new owner .

Lot # 60 , Tekke Ensi . Pre- sale estimate € 14,9 – 15,000.00 . Sold for a very strong € 23,000.00 plus comm. I did not think much of this piece but i was totally wrong and someone out there really liked it ! Time will tell on this one .



Go with God , Dwight Clark , 49er’s great . Super Bowl Hero  and Hall of famer . Your at peace now!






Henry’s Auction House , Mutterstadt , Germany held an antique and decorative rug and carpet sale today and outcome was something of a surprise to me considering the timing of the sale. To start with the sale inventory was all over the place . A little high end ,a little low end ,new stuff , old stuff , a bit of everything. A truly eccentric mix which may have created interest and things sold well across the board. Out of the approx. 324 total lots run over the podium only about 64 failed to find new homes according to Liveauctioneer’s unaudited , posted results . A sold percentage of right at 80%. A very good turn of events for Henry’s if the numbers hold up . And there were a number of nice upside pops too . Note  lot #’ 7194 , 7207 , 7264 , 7312 and lot # 7253 which i did not think much of , but again i was wrong on that one ! One other thing worth noting there were a large number of mediocre Tibetan and Chinese pieces in the sale and they sold well which is a bit of a surprise for 2nd tier German auction house .

They are in fact staging another rug auction on July 6th 2018 if your interested .

So there you have it a job well done by the Henry’s rug dept. Keep up the good work ! 








Austria Auction , Vienna , Austria has their next sale titled “Fine Antique Oriental Rugs XI” scheduled on June 18th live “ on the line “ now . This time out Udo and the gang are presenting 103 total lots of all manner of rugs and carpets but unfortunately not really much to get excited about just another decent group along the lines of the previous A,A,C. endeavors , interesting but not spectacular items. Still worth a quick look .

That said one lot did peak my interest .

Lot # 44 Eagle Group II torba .Per- sale estimate € 15-20,000.00 . Realistic in my opinion . 


Last but not least the “Palais Dorotheum” Vienna Austria has a rug and carpet auction scheduled on June 19th , (as one would have it the day after A.A.C’s sale ) featuring the Adil Besim Coll. After going over the sale inventory a few times it leaves with with the feeling it’s a little on the commercial side and maybe a bit picked over . The group consist of 152 lots from most the major weaving areas but seems to be missing anything truly top shelf that you might expect from such a well known firm . Don’t get me wrong there are a few nice things but still leaning toward European retail goods . 

One thing , lot # 58 , Selendi Bird Ushak , starting point € 500,000.00 . Good luck on that one it’s a bit road worn ! 

To be “fair and balanced” i did notice a couple of lots that did seem at least a bit interesting !

Lot # 78 , Tibetan Khaden . Pre-sale starting point € 1,200.00 . I always find these things interesting .

Lot # 120 , Khorasan Fragment . Pre- sale starting a very realistic € 360.00 

Late update !

Grogan & Co., Boston, MA. have scheduled a summer oriental rug and carpet auction on June 18th that will feature approximately 60 pieces from the” Ned Long ” collection plus other selections from 2 more private collections .No details yet but it could be a highlight in the slow summer season !


Yo “Mama” new bett-a  but you “neva”  gots the message ! , Sheik Frederich , 2018 . Back after a short vaca !

Dog o the week. 

Shitty movie o the month , Blade Runner , 2049. 4.5 poopsickles out of 5 . An insult to the original Blade Runner ,  1982.

Movie o the week , Rebel in the Rye , 2017.

Song o the week , Doro , All For Metal, single , 2018.

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