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Auction gate is on the way ! 


Another case of gross misidentification 

Blackwell Auction , Clearwater, Fl. April 14th 2018 .

Lot# 254 , listed as Kurdish carpet , pre-sale estimate $ 4-600.00 sold for $ 23,400.00 including comm .

Yes folks their still our there !  


Get well soon , Joe Lynn Turner , ex vocalist , Deep Purple , Rainbow , Rising Force and many more! 




That’s a wrap for Ms’s Douglas , Coulter. and the gang at Sotheby’s, London after their spring “ Major “ rug and carpet auction ended on a modestly successful note . 

So where to start on this little excursion . Out of 127 total offered up for your bidding pleasure approximately 72 ended up attracting buyer activity. A sold percentage of right at 57% . Nothing to get excited about but not bad either . As i figured the Alexander Coll. items were the highlight of the offering but did not create quite the level of excitement that the first group did . As i said in the previous post just not quite as strong and possibly calmer minds prevailed ? 

That said all the lots from the Alexander Coll. Consignment did sell and more than a few well over the pre- sale estimates. 

Concerning the rest of the sale inventory all i can say is without the Alexander items the sale total would have something of a disappointment for Sotheby’s . 

So what to do for a follow up for the fall season ? Who knows ? 

The one lot i featured in the previous post an Alexander Coll. did sell but right in mid- stream of the pre-sale estimate . 

Lot # 28 , “Karapinar” frag , pre-sale est. £ 50-80,000.00 . Sold for £ 65,000.00 to a very active American collector . 



Bonham’s , London’s held their “Important Design” sale today featuring lot # 95 , 16th century Ushak carpet , which i illustrated in the previous post. Pre-sale  estimate £150-200,000.00 . The piece sold for £ 181,250.00 . Landing in the pre-sale estimate zone.

 If it matters the other 2 carpets and single textile lot did not find new homes ! 


“Fini” that’s all folks for today’s  “Art of the Islamic and Indian World”  auction today at Christie’s , London. 

Where to begin on this one . For starters as i stated earlier i thought this was a decent , diverse but for the most part very uninteresting assortment with not much to get the serious collectors excited and from the posted results i think this was spot on . 

2 of the 3 mediocre susani’s sold but the textile lots were very weak and did not sell well at all. 

Concerning the 74 rugs and carpets included in the sale inventory 40 ended up creating buyer activity . A sold percentage of about 55% . A very pedestrian outcome for Ms Broadhurst and the Christie’s rug dept. 

As far as upside surprises go the 3 “Lotto” carpets in the group  i mentioned earlier all sold over their high pre-sale estimates but thats about it as far as highlights. 

One other unusual thing worth a line . Lot 292 , late 19th century Baluch carpet , pre-sale est. £ 6-8,000.00 sold for £ 6,250.00 . A surprise because from the illustrations it appears to clearly have a “Hot’ red ? Good luck to the new owner !


TGIF, full of it yet ?



Skinner’s Day , and we are under way !

Well after multiple hours of bidding hi- jinx the spring Skinner’s “major” extravaganza is in the books and it’s a pretty successful outcome for Mr Kearny and the Skinner’s rug dept. Out of the 381 total lots run across the podium only 57 failed to garner any bidding activity. A sold percentage of right at 85% . So far the highest sold percentage of all the “general” rug auctions this spring season . That said said this was a for the most part a run of the mill rug sale with nothing much to get excited about . A few of the lots popped a bit but again nothing notable. 

One thing worth a mention , some of the textile lots did very well. 

Shawls were not as strong as in the past few sales but they were not as good either . 

Still a commendable job by the Skinner’s crew , but one wonders just how good it could get if they included more high end pieces to spark serious collector interest ? 

As for the lots i featured in the earlier post both found new homes .

Lot # 72 , Tekke Embroidered Asmalyk . Pre- sale estimate $ 6-8,000.00 . Sold for $ 7,995.00 including comm. At the high end of the estimate but questions linger about this piece .

Lot # 89 Ningsha “Altar” rug . Pre- sale est. A consevative $ 3-4,000.00 . Sold for a well deserved $ 20,910.00 including comm. My pick for highlite of the sale !







Another Bloody Sunday’s come , now gone !

A fitting end to a week of rug activity Cinco “De” Dave’s , B- Day ? , Boo ya !


The point is to agrivate the the D N C at all costs ! , Sheik Frederich , 2018. 

Dog o the week !

Movie o the week , Man on Fire , 2004 .

Shitty movie o the week , King Arthur : Legend of the Sword . 4.75 poopsickles out of 5 . Unwatchable ! Can’t get any lamer than this. 

Song o the week , Jet , Cold Hard Bitch on Get Born , 2003 .


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