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We begin with an extented slow period till Nov. 25th and the highly antisipated “ Rippon-Boswell” major fall rug , carpet and textile auction. 















Always keep busy ?





Go With God , Malcom Young , founding member and rhythm guitarist for the legendary Hard rock , Heavy Metal band AC/DC . Your life was cut short but you massive volumn of work will live on forever ! Peace be with you now , my friend !




The upcoming rug and carpet spectacular scheduled on Dec. 6th at “Netherhampton Salesrooms” is live “on the line” now for your holiday weekend viewing pleasure . Unfortunately what Ms Barrett and staff have assembled this time out is just another standard Netherhampton offering . Approximately 343 total lots of mid to low end shop stock /  flea market type merchandise . Once again nothing in the way of a serious collectors item or high end decorator carpet. 

One thing of note .  If your looking for sumak cargo bags your in luck ! 

That said it is a substancial group and if your in the market for an inexpensive holiday gifts this could certainly be an interesting shopping opportunity. Some of the items are decent with low estimates and could fill the bill if your in the holiday shopping mood ! 




Next up another 4 day Thanksgiving holiday weekend celebration ! 


Holiday weekend ornament !


“Rippon-Boswell” is underway but where will it end up ? 

So here we go. 

The sale is in the books and from the point of view of the posted “ Liveauctioneers” results it was only modestly successful for Mr Maltzahn and the Rippon staff . Out of the 305 total lots run across the podiumn only approximately 172 garnered any attention . A sold percentage of roght at 56-57 % . One thing worth noting , these are “Liveauctioneers” figures and more often than not there are mulitple inacuracies .  Not terrible but far from what would you assume they hoped for. Sumak bags seemed to be pretty strong and there were a few lots that could be considered modest upside surprises . Lot #’s 12,36,,83 and 195 to name a few. In the end nothing to get excited about but still a decent outcome for D.M. and crew. 

As for the 3 lots i featured in the earlier post all found new homes .

Lot # 12 , Shakhrisyabz susani “Joynamoz” . Pre-sale starting point € 3,000.00 . Sold for € 6,600.00 . Modest upside pop , nice for  the consigner.

Lot # 134 , Kasmir fragment . Pre-sale starting point € 2,400.00 . Sold for € 1,900.00 . Under the estimate but , sold is sold .

Lot # 143 , Shah Sevan strip carpet . Pre-sale starting point € 15,000.00 . Sold for € 12,000.00 . Again slightly under . 

There you have it so now on to the Grogan sale on Dec 7th in Boston, Ma. 


Up next and live “ on the line “ now the rug , carpet and ethnic textile auction scheduled on Dec.7th at Grogan & Co. , Boston, Ma. A relatively modest inventory consisting of just 50 rug lots and 9 lots of rug books and pubications  . Nothing in the offering could be considered a top shelf collectors item just a decent group of for the most part of pleasant pieces certainly worth your time to take a quick look .

One positive note . As is his M O , Mr Grogan has kept the pre- sale estimates on the conservative side to make the sale accesible to all possible bidders and keep things interesting . Kudos to him for the effort ! 



In this day and age it appears the so-called “ Progressives” are not so progressive after all , however taking the blinders off and paying attention might help solve their dilemma ? ,  Sheik Frederich , 2017.

Movie o the week , The Hunting Party , 2007 .

Song o the week . AC/DC ,  Highway to Hell on Highway to Hell , 1979 , “nuff said” . 

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