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Sad news to start the week !

Via con dios , Jack Haldane – Izmidlian . Proprietor of Abington Books and carpet agent at the London freeport  . My first agent in London in 1976 and the one who got me started in the Rug Book business . A great man and a better friend . You are already missed and the world is a smaller place now that your gone ! 


All Hollows Eve ! 


The mighty Rippon – Boswell’s “Major” fall rug extravaganza scheduled on Nov. 25th in Wiesbaden , Germany is live “ on the line” as we speak for your viewing pleasure and after a few passes through the sale inventory it looks fairly interesting . 

So what Mr Maltzahn and staff have in store for your purchasing endevors this time out is 305 total lots of ali types of rugs,carpets, flatweaves and textiles . 

Where to start with this one . Well its a fairly diverse group with some inexpensive items , plenty of affordable mid-range pieces and a modest amount of the elusive top- shelf examples that make the “rug- mob” get to buzzing ! 

Overall it seems they have tried to keep the majority ot the starting points in the realistic arena so as not to put possible bidders off , which is a good thing , in my opinion . 

As far as how it ranks in this fall seasons rug auction agenda it seems to be a reasonably well rounded inventory , to my eye , but the “proof in the pudding”  will be how it transpires on November 27th. Based on the wide selection and overall better condition of the items in the sale inventory i think it will turn out at least pretty well for Mr Maltzahn and the Rippon staff . 

A few lots that peaked my curiosity are posted below. 

Lot # 12 , Shakhrisyabz Susani “Joynamoz” ? . Pre- sale starting point E 3,000.00.  Not a big deal but interesting graphics , to my taste .

Lot # 134 , Kashmir fragment , Pre-sale starting point , € 2,400.00 . Realistic opening number and the piece speaks for itself !

Lot # 143 , Shahsevan strip carpet . Pre-sale starting point , € 15,000.00 . Been around the track before but still scarce and great eye appeal . 


More unfortunate news .

Rest in Peace , Kieth Allen Rocklin . An original “Cali” rug merchant and good friend for 35+ years . Your at peace now and back with Victoria ! 



Out of town visitors and commerce .


Quiet Sunday , but we await major auction action on Tuesday ! 


“Mello” Monday ! 

11/7 /17

And now batter up for Sotheby’s , London , “mui grande” fall rug, carpet and textile sale featuring pieces from the “Alexander Coll”.

The big day has come and gone and fortunately for Ms’s Coulter & Douglas it was a fairly successful endeavor . In particular the “Alexander coll.” items ,  which for the most part sold well over their high pre- sale estimates . This however was not a surprise . More that a few well over those somewhat realistic starting figures.

As for the sale itself , of the 154 total lots run across the podiumn only 55 failed to attract any attention . A sold precentage of right at 64%. A very respectable turn of events for the Sotheby’s rug dept. Going through the results a few times one thing i did notice was Persian city and tribal pieces seemed to make up the majority of the unsold lots , just an observation .

One more thing ! 

Other than the action on the “Alexander Coll.” items the rest of the sale was for the most part lackluster but still positive . 

Generally speaking i think the folks at the Sotheby’s rug dept.and the Alexander estate in particular should be very pleased with the auction outcome and the impressive prices fetched by some of the lots included in the sale .

To that point a “tip of the hat” and a job well done to all involved ! 

As for the items i featured in the earlier review all sold . Two did very well , one just a modest return for the consigner . 

Lot # 7 Central Anatolian frag. Pre-sale est.£ 6-9,000.00 . Sold for £ 23,750.00  Alexander coll , no surprise here . 

Lot # 58 Central Anatolian frag. Pre-sale est. £ 3-5,000.00 . Sold for £4,000.00. None Alexander item , sold right in the zone. I really thought it would do better . 

Lot # 78 East Anatolian runner frag. Pre-sale est. £ 28-40,000.00 . Sold for a very impressive £ 309,000.00 . My favorite piece in the sale and a well deserved outcome . 

So there you have it , now next up Grogan and Rippon on down the road !  


The constant battle against procrastination and indecision intensifies with no let up in sight ! , Sheik Frederich , 2017.

Movie o the week , Cadillac Records , 2008 .

Song o the week , Stormbringer , Through These Eyes on Born a Dying Breed , 2017.

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