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Welcome to the calm before the storm !




The much antisipated “ on the line” preview of the upcoming Sotheby’s , London , Major fall rug , carpet and textile auction scheduled on Nov.7th is finally available for you viewing pleasure. So what Ms Coulter and Ms Douglas have assembled is a collection of 154 total lots of all types of collectable and decorative oriental weavings . 

O K , after a few passes through the sale inventory i have mixed feelings about the group in general. For starters there is plenty of rug mob buzz about the 20 lots from the “ Alexander Coll. “ which “should” create plenty of biding action . After that however the rest of the sale inventory is just not that exciting , in my opinion !  There are certainly a nice selection of better pieces but the C.A. Coll. items aside there no real stand out examples in the rest of the auction inventory , once again , just my opinion . Nothing at all in the way of Turkmen or Baluch items in the group either ? No i am not being overly negative and i do think this sale should do pretty well but i do think the “Hodgkin” sale on Oct. 24th is much more interesting and presents far more opportunities !

That being said 3 lots that did capture my attention all Turkish , are posted below. 

Lot # 7 , Central Anatolian frag. . Pre- sale est. £ 6-9,000.00. A realistic estimate and my favorite piece in the sale , C.A. Coll. Should do well . 

Lot # 58 Central Anatolian rug frag. Pre -sale est. £ 3-5,000.00 . Reasonable starting point. Striking eye appeal and not C.A. Coll. 

Lot # 78 , East Anatolian runner frag. Pre- sale est. £ 28-40,000.00 . Moderately aggressive pre- sale estimate but i have always really liked this piece ! C.A. Coll.

Sotheby’s , London also has another sale scheduled on Oct. 31st ( Halloween ! ) titled “Collections” that features 17 unimportant rugs and 10 tapestries , if it matters . Minor really unless your bored or need shop stock . 


Out of town visitors and commerce .


Today’s Austria Auction Co. sale is a wrap and unfortunately for Udo and the A.A.C. gang and from my point of view it was far from a raging success . According to the “liveauctioneers” posted results , out of the 223 lots run across the podium only 101 found new homes . A sold percentage of right at 46%. As i stated in the earlier review i did not think to much of the sale inventory and to a certain extent i guess i was right . Looking over the prices garnered i noticed many of the higher priced items that sold , sold well under their low pre-sale estimates . Note lot numbers , 2 , 158 , 168, 176 , and 184. Surely a disappointment for the consigners and the A.A.C. rug dept. 

There was however one modest upside pop , lot # 60, Ersari main cpt. . Pre-sale est. € 1,5- 2,000.00 , sold for € 7,000.00 + comm.  Nice but to little to late this time around . That’s about as far as sale highlights . 

As for the 3 items i featured in the earlier post two sold , one did not .

Lot # 32 , Serab bag face . Pre-sale est. € 1,2-1,600.00. Sold for € 800.00 + comm. , well under its low pre-sale estimate . Maybe someone got a pretty good deal ? 

Lot # 71, Shustar kelim . Pre-sale estimate € 1,8-2,400.00. Unsold .Was the design just to nervous ?

Lot # 176 , Karadashli main cpt. . Pre- sale est. € 17-25,000.00 . Sold for € 10,000.00+ comm. The consigner shurely can’t be happy with this outcome but the buyer might be ! 

So its back to the drawing board for Mr Langauer and staff and better luck next time . 


Sunday quiet Sunday ! 


No worries , pesamistic optomisium is always present ! Sheik Frederich , 2017

Movie o the week , Out of the Past , 1947 .

Song o the week , Another 2 fur ! 

Heart , If Looks Could Kill on Heart , 1985 .

Primal Fear , If looks Could Kill on Best of Fear , 2017.

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