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Travel day , smooth so far !

The results from yesterdays Nagel sale are posted hot off the presses and up ” on the line” now for your futher education of the the current and up to date rug market. Out of the 156 rug and carpet lots offered up for your biding pleasure 91 found new homes . A sold percentage of right at 59% . Quite a bit better than the sale at the Dorotheum on the same day . One thing worth noting , there  was a substancial group of Tibetian carpets in the first part of the sale and they did not sell well at all. Two Baluch soffre’s ( # 80-82 ) with very conservative pre- sale starting points sold far over those figures and were two of the only highlights of a fairly ordiniary Nagel offering. Thats about it as far as upside fireworks go .Most everything else that sold in the sale brought figures at or near their starting price points. Granted from a collectable standpoint this was a modestly more interesting assortment than the Dorotheum offering but it also did not include even one top notch collectors piece. That said it is still a moderately better outcome for the Nagel rug dept , so good for them .

As for the 2 Lakai lots i mentioned in the previous post ( lot #’s 146-148 ) as you would surmise both went unsold for obvious reasons ! 

In the end another boring run of the mill rug auction but never fear better days ahead !

Easy on time in and no one in the seat next to me ! 

Here’s “lookin” at ya !


The NYC rug market is getting more and more fragmented by the moment with many locations closing down intown because of escalating rent issues and dealers moving to Long Island and Jersey . This ultimately makes it far more difficult to navigate with the ever worsening traffic problems . Fortunately things are still tuning up.

R.I.P. , Jurg Rageth your monumental publication on Turkmen rugs ( Turkmen Carpets , A New Perspective ) will stand the test of time !


Decent weather and a positive outcome to a short sojourn on the east coast , what more could you ask ?

Go with god , Harry Dean Stanton , an Ameriacan icon . Your legacy will live forever !


Travel day and the return to Khaos !

Traffic in and out of the city was brutal .

Flight back was ontime , smooth and early in , nice. Once again no one in the seat next to me !


One hot moment !

Quiet Sunday to end the week at OCG.


An “out of control” social consience is an unhealty and dangerous thing !  , Sheik Frederich , 2017.

Movie o the week , Glory Road , 2006 .

Song o the week , Danzig , Last Ride on Black Laden Crown , 2017 .

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