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Hot , humid but no action . 





The last long hot holiday weekend of the summer is upon us ! 



Most humid day of the year ,so far !


The Sept. 12th sale inventory for the rug, carpet and textile auction at the “Palais Dorotheum” , Vienna , Austria is live ” on the line ” now for your viewing pleasure. This time around the sale consist of 207 total lots of rugs , carpets and textiles. At first glance the pre-sale opening numbers are not particularly friendly but its not where you start its where you finish ! Unfourtunately as it been in the past few sales with this auction house after going over the lots a couple times this is just another sale geared toward the European retail rug market. Nothing at all in the way of a serious collectors piece in the entire sale inventory . Just a large selection of late 19th , early 20th century items in good “European” condition . Alas another boring rug auction to my eye . However opinions can and do vary ! 

One othe thing worth noting . This sale is on the same day as the Nagel sale , smart business or NOT ? 




More rug and carpet drivel to consider !

Netherhampton Salesroom’s , Salisbury , U.K’s next rug and carpet auction scheduled on Sept. 20th is up and ready for your close and careful scrutiny . This time out Ms Barrett and staff have assembed a collection of approamately 407 lots of variuos rugs , carpets and all manor of ethnic flatweaves and textiles but as usual with a Netherhampton offering nothing in the way of a topnotch collectors item in the complete  sale inventory . Just another run of the mill , shop stock , flea market asssortment and to my eye a little weaker than usual . That said it’s still a large group so it maybe worth your while to take A quick look you could come across something that strikes your fancy .

Post script on “the salesrooms “post sale results .

Seems the July 12th sale was not nearly as successful as they first posted on ” the saleroom ” site . Out of the 345 total lots run over the podiumn apparently only 180 actually found new homes  . Far less than the first reported on their site . A sold percentage of more in the range of 52% . Not bad but a far cry from the first indication .

One more detail only 6 lots broke the £ 1,000 level not 16 , to bad , sorry !

As for the 3 lots i featured,  2 sold ( #’ 328 & 377 ) . Lot # 463 failed to find a buyer .


The updated “ART’s” site , 2017 with all the pertinent info is now up and “runnin” !



Lack of activity relief ?


Never forget !


Both Nagel & “Palais Dortheumn” are underway as we speak but nothing in the way of results quite yet .

O K , so the Dorotheumn is first on the boards with posted results and as i figured this sale did not go well for them at all . Out of the 207 total lots run across the podium appearently only 95 ended up selling . This works out to a sold percentage of right at 47 % .That said a few of the lots did post pretty good prices but in my opinion not enough to push the offering into a real postive outcome. Late Persian city pieces and other comercial items were the bulk of the lots sold . So as i stated another moderately successful but boring European rug auction and that as they say it that .

Also new i phone day !


If your scared of the answer don’t ask the question ! , Sheik Frederich , 2017 .

Movie o the week , Invincible , 2006 .

Song o the week , Otis Redding , (Sittin’on) The Dock of the Bay on The Dock of the Bay , 1968 .


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