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Another week with only minor rug world news to look forward to , and then it was gone ?



Well , today’s Netherhampton rug and textile auction is nothing more than a footnote history now but if their posted sales numbers are even close to accruate then this particular little adventure turned out very well for them. From the numbers on ” the salesrooms” site it looks like they at least got bids on most everything in the offering , a fairly successful acomplishment in itself. Once again possibly moving a healthy number of pieces  . That said a large portion of the posted prices were very consevative so if this stuff really sold a large amount of the lots sold very cheap. As usual with a Netherhampton sale there was nothing in the sale inventory to get the rug community buzzing , just a substancial number of items with very low pre- sale estimates so the anemic prices were to be expected. One small upside surprise for Ms Barrett and staff is that approx. 16 lots topped the £ 1,000.00 threshold . More than the last few sales so thats a modest plus . 

Far from a major accomplishment but in the midst of the summer doldrims not bad either and as i always say sold is sold and the best kind of rug in a weak market is a sold rug so “kudos” to the Netherhampton crew and keep up the positive work ! 

As for the 3 lots i featured in the previous post they all sold but for very conservative figures .

Lot # 328 , Eagle gul torba . Pre-sale estimate £ 1-1,500.00 , sold for £ 750.00 w/o comm. Either this piece was just not good at all or someone got a very good deal . Time may possibly tell ? 

Lot # 377 , Facharalo prayer rug . Pre- sale estimate £ 3-4,000.00 , sold for £ 2,500.00 w/o comm. A late, common but nice looking piece at a reasonably fair price if there were no unseen condition issues .

Lot # 463 , Neriz tree rug . Pre-sale estimate £ 4-600.00 , sold for £ 500.00 w/o comm. To my eye a cool design and i thought it would do much better but unfortunately not this time around . Then again maybe someone got a pretty good deal ? Post script , this piece went unsold after all !



More heat and humidity .


Via Con Dios , David Z. (Zablidowsky) , bassist for Adrenaline Mob , Trans-Siberian Orchestra and ZO2 . To young , and to soon . You will be remembered !



Out of town visitors , no commerce .

One small piece of Sunday auction news .

Butterschotch Auction gallery , Bedford Village , N.Y. held a general antique sale today that featured various oriental rugs and carpets one of which was modestly interesting .

Lot # 650a , Ladik prayer rug , pre- sale estimate $ 7-900.00 ended up selling for $ 2,200.00 + comm. A slightly better than average example , but with a fair amount of damage it brought a price commensurate with it’s condition . Destination Europe maybe ?


The Leslie Hindman general antique auction , Chicsgo Ill. is under way so in a short while we will have the outcome on lot # 156 . “Lotto” carpet cataloged as a Caucasian rug , pre-sale estimate $3-500.00.

So as you might expect Lot # 156 did very well for the consigner selling for a well deserved $ 50,000.00 + comm. Certainly not an excessive figure for a piece of this type . Some of the other decorative items , particularly lot #’s 155 , 160 also did very well. Looks like with the amount of chatter this piece stirred up the internet it did the job for the Hindman Auction Gallery that their rug dept. did not do. Maybe in the future they should bring in outside help when dealing with the important pieces !

Still its good for the rug trade and collecting in general so hats off to them for a job decently done !


Violence and hate is a trait of the left wing Antifa, activists / anarchist which is childish and inappropriate in this day and age so get on board and act your age ! Sheik Frederich , 2017.

Movie o the week , The Magnificent Seven , 1960 .

Song o the week , Arch Enemy , The World Is Yours , 2017.

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