Rapistan Review


Still quiet !



Not much happening as we head into the 4th of July weekend extravaganza but one very intriguing thing did turn up in a 2nd tier auction house in Chicago, Ill.

Leslie Hindman Auctions is holding a general antique sale on July 17-18 that features approx. 53 rugs and carpets , 7 textiles lots and 7 “vintage”  tapestries. Nothing much in most all the sale inventory but one small rug included in the group is a real possible stand out .

Lot # 156 , cataloged as Caucasian rug is most certainly an early ” Lotto carpet” {3’5″x 5′ 10″}   that should create a modest buzz in this very subdued rug market right now . This piece is sporting a ” Very ” conservative , uninformed pre- sale estimate of $ 3-500.00 which should wake up the rug world at least briefly . Its all over the internet and Facebook .

So now we can just sit back and wait to see what the outcome may be ?



Hardly ugly in my opinion .


Beginning of the 4th of July holiday weekend insanity !


Buckle up , let your hair down and have some fun !


Happy early 4th of July !!!


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