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Memorial Day .

Doubletake to start the new week ! 



What we have here is an extended period of little or no significant fresh rug-dumb news with no end in the time to come  ? 


A great day for the U.S.A.




Can’t go a week without Margarita ! 




From out of knowhere !

Go with God , Laya Gilmore , a loyal and true companion for 15 + years  . You are with your brothers and sisters now.  Peyote , Shigatse , Blackie Bokahara , Chato , Motor , Barkley , Roho , Scarlet , Houdini , Flipster , Ivory , Little Cat and now you . You are already sorely missed and will never be forgotten ! 





Grogan’s June general antique sale is under way but as is M.G.’s , m.o. the rugs and carpets are at the tail end of the sale so we just have to sit tight for a short period to find out the results of this modest size offering .

Todays Grogan sale is now in the history books and from the usual standpoint of a Grogan sale this one came up a little on the short side . Although a moderate size offering these sales usually go pretty well for M.G. and the gang but this time around from a rug and carpet perspective it was not to be . Out of the 24 lots run across the podium only 16 attracted any attention which ends up being a sold percentage of right at 66%. Way under the usual Grogan number. Everything that sold , sold at or near their pre-sale estimates . Nothing at all in the way of an upside pop just average prices for average merchandise . Granted this was a very run of the mill selection and we are at the beginning of the summer slow period but with little or nothing else happening in the rug universe you might have thought it would have turned out a little better than this . Yes 3 of the more interesting items in the group were withdrawn prior to the beginning of the sale do to unforseen circumstances but these things happen from time to time but it certainly affected the sale outcome to a certain extent . The one tapestry in the sale also failed to find a buyer.

So there you have it . Back to the drawing board for Mr Grogan and staff and we can look forward to the November 30th anniversary sale and hopefully a more interesting selection !

So a quiet week ends on a quiet note !


The sorrow and hearbreak linger with no sign of letting up at least for the forseeable future ! , Sheik Frederich , 2017.

Movie o the week , All Dogs Go to Heaven , 1 & 2 , 1989 , 1996 . Hopefully you all get the point  !

Song o the week , Temple of the Dog , Say Hello 2 Heaven on Temple of the Dog , 1991 .

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