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Not much to start what looks to be a slow week , however , 

Celebrate ” National “B B Q ” month . Let the grillin beginin ! 

One minor piece of rug world news .

Roland Auctioneer’s , New York , N.Y. held an “estate auction” on April 29th that featured approx. 17 various oriental rugs and carpets. Nothing much really but one lot did standout a bit .

Lot # 355 , Chinese Throne back . Pre-sale est. $2-400.00 , ended up selling for $ 2500.00 plus comm. Very late and not a big deal but it did have an elephant or perhaps water buffalo in the field . 


More silence .


An important date personally?






Beginning of Brimfield week !

Rippon-Boswell , Wiesbaden, Germany is staging a late spring general rug and textile sale on May 20th that features items from the well known “Teppich Engelhardt” rug and carpet firm. The sale inventory consist of 208 total lots which runs across the whole spectrum of rugs , carpets and textiles but unfortunately there is nothing included that could be considered a bona fide collectors item or high end decorative carpet . This has more the feel of a spring house cleaning sale. The one thing that does create a bit of an appealing aspect to this offering is there are quite a few multi-item lots with very conservative pre- sale estimates . So if your looking for shop stock or outdoor antique market merchandise this could certainly be a good buying opportunity. If your serious about rug collecting then not so much. Because of the amount of pieces in group lots there is also the possibility of a sleeper in one of them so if your in the area it just might be worth your while to go on a brief treasure hunt  !





Grogan Co. , Boston , Ma . has a general antique sale scheduled on June 11th that includes 25 lots of various rugs , carpets and textiles. Nothing earth shattering but there are a handful of late but decent entry level collectors items worth a moment of your time to peruse . As is his M O , M.G. has kept the pre-sale estimates conservative so it does create the possibility of a buying opportunity. A modest offering in size but far more interesting than the Rippon selection , in my humble opinion. One of the more intriguing pieces is posted below .

Lot # 401 , Turkmen Juval . Pre-sale estimate $ 1,5- 2,500.00 . Late , but a scarce design . 


Early morning road trip .

Brimfield ends on a quite note !


Happy Momma’s Day !


Misinformed and delusional activist are the plague of the proper world order ! , Sheik Frederich, 2017.

Movie o the week , The Hateful Eight , 2015 .

Song o the week , Krokus , American Woman on Stayed Awake All Night , 1989.

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