Rapistan Review


Unfortunately the week starts with another guitar master leaving the material world .

Allan Holdsworth , guitar maestro and innovator passed over to the other side on April 16th . Many did not know him but he was well respected by the nation of guitar players of the world and will be missed .


Preparations under way .


Travel day , smooth so far .

Screaming babies!

Early in , nice , then delays at baggage claim, you can’t win for lose-in ?

Traffic in the city is off the chain due to massive construction everywhere .


Day one , on the street , NYC , 2017 !

Rain does not materialize and the weather is actually pretty good. A decent start .

Straight out the gate things are looking promising as far as fresh things turning up . However as usual i am gonna wait till tomorrow to make any final decisions . So far most everyone I come in contact with is also in a good mood , nice !

That said there are a few strange occurrences developing in the rug market . Nothing to do with my business but interesting none the less . Answers should be forthcoming on the morrow !  Perhaps you should pay your property taxes on time ?


Possiblty  rain .

As one would hope the threat of rain never materialized so I am clear on that front . Next up , clearing up the loose ends of the outstanding business opportunities and it all panned out positive. So for my first soujourn to the east coast of 2017 a profitable end to a pleasant excursion.


Travel day and auction activity in Vienna , Austria at the A.A.C. sale.  So it seems the only thing to do on the docket today is to check how it’s proceding for Udo and the gang and for me to get back to Cali !

The auction is underway and the results are starting to filter in from this mornings production and unfortunately up to this point it does not look to promising for Mr Langauer and his staff . Out of the 330 total lots of rugs ,carpets and assorted textiles only 113 ended up changing hands . A sold percentage of right at 34 %. Not a complete and total melt down but certainly far from a successful venture for them . As usual these are unaudited Liveauctioneer’s numbers so the true total from A.A.C. could be slightly different . Like I stated in the previous review I was not particularly impressed by the sale inventory but thought it might do somewhat better than this . Nothing much in the way of upside surprises either and the majority of items that sold , sold at or within their pre-sale ranges.

One interesting observation of things that did sell in this offering. Baluch flat weave-sumac items sold well , which is a bit of a surprise , in my opinion.

It appears that many of the better pieces with more aggressive pre- sale estimates and most likely higher reserves had a fairly hard time. I would have to figure Udo and the A.A.C. staff are hard at it working the phones trying to move the unsold lots and pump up the sales total . Good Luck with that and better luck next time , if there is one .

As for the item I featured in the earlier post, lot # 227 , Vernah , pre-sale est.€ 7-9,000.00. As you would expect in this more or less weak sale it failed to attract any bidders .

At the airport and it looks good so far .

Smooth ontime out .

Very bumpy ontime arrival !


Back at the controls at O.C.G. after a decent buying excursion . What more can you ask for ?


In this day and age with way things are going if you can’t adapt ,adjust and play the cards your dealt you may just be in for a tough time ! , Sheik Frederich, 2017.

Movie o the week , The Company You Keep , 2012 .

Song o the week , Life of Agony , World Gone Mad on A Place Where There’s No More Pain, 2017 .

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