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Quiet beginning to a fresh week .

One new item worth a mention .

J.T. at “Rugtracker” is back on the job with a new post titled , Uighur Carpets from Altishahr , subject Khotan carpets .

As usual it’s up to his high standards so it’s certainly worth your time to take a look !


Christie’s , London held their “Major ” spring rug and carpet event today and for all “intents and of course purposes” it turned out to be modestly successful endeavor for Ms Broadhust and the Christie’s rug dept.

Out of the 226 total lots offered in the sale 103 ended up attracting attention . That works out to a sold percentage of right at 46%. Far from the sold percentage that Ms Broadhurst and staff were hoping for , that’s “fur sure” but the total sales figure standing at £ 4,113,600.00 is something to think about. As you would figure that total was anchored by the hand full of Classic carpets that sold well and with out them the total would have been much less but it is still what it is. In the end a weak sold percentage but high sales total seem to balance it out so a commendable job done by the Christie,s rug dept.which will give the rug world denizens something to belly ache about in this somewhat stagnant rug market.

Concerning the 2 items I featured in an earlier post both sold and for over their high estimates.

Lot # 17 , Kuba fragment , pre-sale est. £ 1,5-2,500.00 . Sold for £ 3,500.00 . Still a decent purchase for the new owner.

Lot # 20 , Lehman – Barenklau Kuba carpet , pre-sale est. £ 40-60,000.00 . Sold for £ 92,500.00 . Over the high estimate which was to be expected.

Christie’s , NYC also held their “Opulent Eye” sale today and as far as rugs and carpets go it was a little on the slow side for them . Out of the 50 rugs and carpets included in the sale only 17 found buyers . A sold percentage of about 32 % . Weak , very weak but there was nothing in the group to spark much more than local dealer interest as all eyes were on the London sale .

One lot # 19 , Chinese Silk carpet , pre- sale est. $5-6,000.00 ended up selling for $ 22,500.00 but that’s about it as far as highlights go .This type of carpet has been selling very well lately so this is no surprise.


Travel Day !

Fairly bumpy trip !

Finally on the ground .


First day on the mean streets of NYC this year .

Let’s just see how the market is fairing since the embargo has been lifted .

Up to this point every one I have come into contact with is in a good mood.

Unfortunately the whiner’s and complainers are still on the job so you end up encountering a limited amount of rug market drama ,  that said modest business is still being conducted .

Nothing truly great has surfaced so far but it’s still early so that could change . Decent fresh merchandise is available so the trip will certainly pay for itself and be profitable but as usual I am gonna put it all on hold till tomorrow.

It does not appear that lifting the embargo has made much of a difference in the old rug market at this time but it has changed the new rug market availability of modern Persian goods which are now becoming legal to deal in , if that’s your area of interest .


Christie’s , London’s , “Arts & Textiles of Islamic and Indian Worlds ” wrapped up today and out of the approxamatly 35 textiles lots included in the sale only 18 ended up selling . Not terrilbe but nothing to crow about either. Based on the total sales figure of , £ 589,250 this could be considered something of a let down for the Christie’s Islamic Antiquties Dept.?

As far as this trip goes everything I showed interest in except one item ended up in a positive mode. The availability of the one piece was put off till the middle of next week . Not a problem I have plenty of time .

Only one thing left to do , pack up for the flight back.


Travel Day and it’s looking good so far !

Smooth take off !

So another positive sojourn to the East Coast is in the books and plans for the next one in June are in the works.

Smooth landing !


Back at the O.C.G.


Grammar aside , on certain occasions it would do you good to edit your thoughts before you make them public ! , Sheik Frederich ,2016 .


Song o the week , another 2 fer , you draw your own conclusions ?

Neil Young , The Needle and the Damage Done on Harvest , 1972.

Lynyrd Skynyrd , The Needle and the Spoon on Second Helping , 1974 .




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