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After a week or so of Rug – Dum drama Rippon – Boswell has posted the audited results of their ” Vok 2 ” sale held on March 12th .
Right after the sale ended there was plenty of chatter regarding technical problems with ” Liveauctioneers ” and the service they provided and it turns out the initial sales results they posted were inaccurate .
So here we go with the “Rippon-Boswell” audited version of the “Vok” 2 results .
Out of the 88 total lots offered only 6 failed to sell .
This raises the sold percentage to closer to 93 % .
Not quite “Vok”1 but still very admirable .
The first report posted by “Liveauctioneer's” stated only 74 pieces had sold .
That was , as I stated in the earlier post UNAUDITED !
However in fact at least 3 pieces were posted as unsold when in fact they were sold but because of internet issues with “Liveauctioneers” connection they were miss recorded .
Concerning the other added items , as usual with a “Rippon” sale Mr Maltzahn was busy working the phones after the sale which lead to a higher sales total .
If it matters the unsold lots were numbers , 101 , 112 , 117, 135, 147, 157 .
So there you have it .
Everybody happy now !
Peace and quiet !
The Palais Dorotheum , Vienna Austria held their Spring rug and carpet auction today and in a timely fashion have already posted the results .
Going over the tally , out of the 214 items run across the podium only 88 failed to find new homes .
This works out to a sold percentage of right at 59 % .
Since there weren't any notable pieces included in the sale inventory highlights or upside surprises were few and far between and only one lot really broke out .
Lot # 16 , Ningshia pillar carpet , starting point € 6,000.00 , sold for € 23,750.00 including comm. but that's about it as far as excitement goes !
I will add one final thought on the sale in general .
Of the pieces that did sell most sold over their initial starting points so at least that's a positive factor in the outcome of the rather ordinary sale .
Considering it was a very lackluster selection I would not consider it a rousing success just a decent turn of events for the “Dorotheum” rug staff .
And that as they say is that !
Silent !
Good Friday !
Holy Mole , Batman , Good Friday , fresh good rug universe news !
In the nick of time J.T. at “Rugtracker” has a new post up ” on the line” today titled .
“The Salor Main Carpet Fragments ” .
This time around he chronicled most of the known Salor main carpet fragments in one article which in cool if Turkmen's are your thing .
As always excellent work , J.T.
Peaceful holiday weekend.
Easter Sunday .
Morning road trip .
Out of town visitors and substantial commerce !

Mundane thoughts lead to constipation of the mind , body and of course Soul , so keep it lively ! , Sheik Frederich , 2016.

Song o the week , Warlock , East Meets West on Triumph and Agony , 1987 .

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