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IMG_1403Quiet beginning to the new week but there is one somewhat insignificant auction worth a line or two.

“Palais Dorotheum” , Vienna , Austria , has their upcoming Spring rug , carpet and flat weave auction scheduled on March 23rd posted live on the inter-web at this very moment

The offering includes 214 lots of items from most all the major weaving areas . Unfortunately this nothing more than your standard European auction type inventory overloaded with 20th century Persian city pieces that appear to be in good condition , at least in the illustrations .

Not a thing at all in the way of a serious collectors item or high end decorator carpet in the entire group . In my opinion the most mundane offering the “Dorotheum” rug dept. has come up with in the last few years .

However if you have extra time on your hands or maybe your bored take a quick look otherwise if you don’t have the time or inclination you will not be missing anything !


Material Culture , Phil. Pa. is back on the clock with their next antique collectable and ethnic art auction titled “The Collectors Eye” on March 26th .
The sale features 62 lots of all manner of ethnic / oriental textiles and 68 lots of various Chinese and oriental rugs and carpets .
As with their past the productions this selection features nothing in the way of high end collectors items or top shelf decorator carpets but there are plenty of moderately interesting mid to low end pieces and if your a beginning collector or on a budget this is certainly worth a few minutes of your time to take a quick look .
For serious rug and textile enthusiast this is not really up your alley unless your just curious and need to peruse everything .
Next up !

Sotheby,s NYC has a sale titled European Arts from the “Caramoor” Center scheduled on April 12 that includes 12 textile items and 19 assorted oriental carpets of which 2 are relatively rare , important and worth mentioning .


Lot# 109 , Small Pattern Holbein carpet , 15th-16th century .It has been published and also sports a decent pedigree.The pre -sale estimate is a serious $ 600- 800,000.00 , however this is a very scarce and desirable piece and should certainly draw serious attention from the “Islamic” Museum crowd !
Lot # 177 , Caucasian Shield carpet , 18th century . Pre- sale estimate $ 80-120,000.00 .
Not quite in the same category as lot # 109 but still not something that you see everyday and it to should create a bit of a commotion .
Think green !
All hail , St. Paddy’s Day !
And now the big one !
Christie’s , London’s , ” Major ” spring oriental rug , textile and carpet auction scheduled on April ,19th is , as you all well know by now “live on the line” at this very moment for your very special viewing pleasure .
This time around the inventory consist of 226 total lots from most all the popular weaving areas .
So here we go.
After a few passes through the sale catalog I would have to say Ms Broadhurst and the “Christie’s” rug dept. have assembled a fairly decent , varied and interesting group of pieces this time around with a handful of certainly exceptional classic pieces to boot .
First off and as usual with a Christie’s , London offerings the inventory is overloaded with Persian city rugs and carpets catering to the Middle Eastern buyers !
That said there are plenty of other interesting items for collectors too.
The only group that came up a little on the weak side in this auction was Turkmen’s .
Nothing at all worth mentioning .
My thoughts are that this the most intriguing sale so far in the spring auction season and for sure worth you time to take a look if you have not already .
A couple of pieces that caught my eye are listed below.


Lot # 17 Kuba rug fragment , pre- sale est. £ 1,5-2,500.00 . Cut and shut but hard to find .A reasonable starting point and if you acquired it in this ball park it could be a good acquisition but I feel it may just pop up a bit !
Lot # 20 , Lehman- Barenac Kuba , 18th century . Pre- sale est. £ 40- 60,000.00 .
Decent condition ?
For what it’s worth my favorite piece in the sale , OK , Nothing !
Quiet .
A silent end to an interesting week ……

In these times of indecision if you don’t roll with the punches you most certainly will not survive ! , Sheik Frederich , 2016.

Song o the week , Metal Church , Badlands on Metal Church , 1984 .

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