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As time would warrant the results from today's Bonham's rug auction in San Francisco , Ca. are posted on line now and I have to say from the total amount of pieces that were recorded sold in this offering the market for low end items is both alive, well and apparently fairly strong.
Out of the 390 lots run across the podium only approximately 23 failed to garner any interest .
A sold percentage of over 92% , if all the sales stick .
Very solid !
Nothing in the way of an upside surprise as far as the oriental carpets go in the group but one interesting highlight was the Navaho weaving's included in the selection fared much better overall than the oriental rugs in the sale .
None of them were any better than average , at best and some were in rough condition but they still commanded decent prices for the consigner's ?
Many dealers felt the general Navaho market was soft , however maybe things have adjusted ?
Granted going over the prices fetched , a large percentage of the oriental rugs and carpets sold “very” inexpensively and the grand total of the complete sale is nothing to write home about but its still a pretty successful production for the “Bonham's Rug Dept.”
So it's a “tip of the hat” to them on a job well done considering the overall quality of the merchandise offered .
As I stated in an earlier post did not hold out much hope for this sale but the market for low end inexpensive goods proved me wrong !
“Netherhampton Salesrooms” held their March rug and textile sale today.
As usual no posted results just yet.
Modest commerce , not much else !
Lack of pertinent rug world news leaves the week to end on a silent note .
But never fear , 7 days till the spectacle of the much anticipated ” Vok” 2 sale !

Reckless contemplation in a reckless environment should be avoided at all costs ! , Sheik Frederich , 2016.

Song o the week , lucky you another 2 fer !
Immigrant Song , Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin 3 , 1970 .
Immigrant Song , Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross , featuring “Karen O” of The Yeah Yeah Yeah's on the soundtrack of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” ,2011 .

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  1. Lee Koch says:

    George, for what it’s worth there was an interesting discussion today in one of the FB rug groups in which an experienced auction participant who was present in Wiesbaden Saturday asserted that the LiveAuctioneers website only keeps track of bids placed through it but does not reflect phone bids or bids in the room. He also indicated that all of the lots were sold and suggested that the actual results wouldn’t be known until RB publishes it’s results.

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