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So to start this fine week off we have what the rug world has been waiting for , the second installment of the Vok Coll. at Rippon Boswell in Wiesbaden , Germany on March 13 .
As with the first offering this group has plenty of “Star” pieces to get the flat weave and textile community fired up in what has been a lackluster market so far , in this new year !
Up to this point I have gone through selection # 2 of the “Vok collection” numerous times and at first I thought sale # 1 was a preferable melange but now I am not so sure .
I think Mr Maltzahn has spent quite a bit of time contemplating about which pieces are best suited for each group and this assortment has grown on me .
This time out the auction seems a little top loaded with kelims but still a top notch inventory none the less .

After all that personal dribble I  single out a couple of pieces that from a personal standpoint I thought were particularly impressive .

IMG_1385 IMG_1384

Lot # 135 , Large Medallion Suzani . pre-sale est. € 40,000.00 . Not an inexpensive starting point but the warrants it !

Lot # 138 , Shakhrisyabz Suzani . Pre-sale est. € 40,000.00.
Again not easy to deal with but certainly worth it and this Suzani should do very well in my humble opinion !

A strong showing will most assuredly be a shot in the arm for the overall rug collecting market and could possibly be the high point of the spring auction season !
So once again , Good Luck to Messer’s Vok and Maltzahn on their upcoming endeavor !
“Netherhampton Salesrooms” , Salisbury , U.K. is back on the clock with their next rug and textile offering scheduled on March 2 , which is live , ” on the line ” now so if you have nothing better to do and with extra time on your hands check it out .
Well after a couple of passes through the 415 total lot inventory of all manner of rugs , carpets and textiles it’s basically the same type of sale your come to expect from Ms Barrett & staff .
Nothing at all in the way of a standout collectors item of any type however this time around they have included a handful of room size carpets with fairly high pre- sale estimates that could turn out to be pretty good if the condition is up to speed .
If this is your area of interest it’s absolutely worth your time to take a quick look .
They are particularly proud of lot # 155 , an ever popular “Zeigler” Mahal carpet , 15′ x 20′ , sporting a pre- sale est. of £ 25- 35,000.00 .
Possibly a first for them !
Time will tell ?


IMG_1387Palais Dorotheumn ” , Vienna , Austria has their next rug and textile auction scheduled on March 23 and the catalogue is live “on the line” now .This time out the sale features 214 total lots of rugs , carpets , flat weaves and trappings. Unfortunately not one item in the whole assortment could be considered a top shelf collectors piece or high end decorative carpet. What they do offer is a mix of mid – range or starter collectables and plenty of mid 20th century Persian city pieces that I would guess are geared toward the local buying public ? If your in the market for a common user type rug this could be the sale for you . If not this may just be a waste of your time?


Opening night , S.F. Tribal & Textile Arts show .
Fort Mason center .
Good luck to all the exhibitors , here’s to strong sales !!!
Possible small over flow action at the Capri ?

The legendary American writer “Harper Lee” author of the classic , “To Kill a Mockingbird ” passed today .You most undoubtedly left a great legacy and you will be remembered for the ages !


Quiet today !
Morning road excursion .

Next up !
We end the week with a bit of a disappointment.
Skinner’s spring sale scheduled on March 13th in Boston, Ma. which consist of 333 lots of pretty much a cross section of just about all the weaving areas is live “on the line ” now .
Now for the bad part .
Other than the early Ming fragment , lot # 84 ( circa 16th century ? ) on the cover of the catalogue nothing in the way of a standout collectors item of any type.
As has been their M.O. in recent times the sale for the most part consist of a large selection of mid- range starter type collectors pieces in mediocre condition .
Don’t get me wrong there are some interesting items in the sale just nothing in the way of a show stopper to get the rug community buzzing !
The strength of the sale inventory if you want to call it that is a hand full of somewhat better room size decorative carpets that condition aside look pretty good in the illustrations .
One more thing worth noting , nothing less than 42 various types of ” Kashmir ” shawls included in the group .
I guess that part of the market remains HOT !
So the week ends on a flat note !

A sticky wicket by any other name is still a sticky wicket ! ,Sheik Frederich , 2016.

Song o the week , a 2 fer !
I Put a Spell On You , Screamin’ Jay Hawkins on I Put a Spell On You , 1957 .
I Put a Spell On You , Nina Simone on I Put a Spell On You , 1965 .

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  1. Hans Meyar says:

    Hsllo Mister Gilmore:

    My name is Hans and I enjoy your writing about rugs and carpets very much. You have good ideas and know what is the real story about them. Can you please explain something I am confused over. The Vok sale in your opinion is better this time than last but others who I speak to and read on the internet do not agree. They say there were more better pieces in the fist sale and less in this one. The two Susani you showed are great ones and therea re aa few other great ones but to my opinion more then some of the others are not nearly as interesting or worth as was in the first sale.
    The kilims seem to me to be like the Susani, a few good ones but other that are not so good. I know people opinions are different and hard to say what will happen in future but do you realy think this Vok sale will be better then first one now after talking to other peoples and reading online.
    Thank you for your work.

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