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Extremely windy and quiet !
Oh me , oh mi , what we have to contemplate now is the upcoming rug auction at Bonham’s , San Francisco on appropriately , Feb. 29th !
Where to start is the real question .
Just when you think it can’t get any worse at Bonham’s it does.
This is certainly a bargain basement , house cleaning sale if there ever was one .
The sale consist of 390 lots of all manner of very low end rugs , carpets , textiles , and trappings .
Nothing at all worth mentioning .
Can’t be sure where they are going with this offering but I will say this , it makes the last few “Netherhampton” sales look good.
One positive feature is at least the pre-sale estimates are overall fairly conservative so if your looking for goods to resale at your local flea market this could be the sale for you !
Staging a catalog rug sale cost pretty much the same and takes more or less the same amount of time if they offer good to better items or rubbish so even if the sell all this hodgepodge I don’t see how they figure to come out ahead ?
Not even sure if it’s worth your time to take a quick .
One would think Bonham’s is certainly capable of putting on a better sale than this but maybe their holding all the “top shelf pieces” for the next major sale , Or Not !

Nothing more than more silience !


Ditto !

IMG_1379Kerry Taylor Auctions of London , England has another one of their “Vintage Fashion and Textile” sales scheduled on Feb. 23.
As with their past auctions nothing in the way of rugs or carpets but the group does include an assortment of ethnic textiles at the tail end of the sale , three of which seem somewhat intriguing .
The one that caught my eye first is featured but the other 2 also look pretty good .
Lot # 362 , Ottomen Bohcha , possibly circa 1830 . Pre- sale est. £ 6-1,000.00.
Seems realistic.
In a week of stagnate action if this your cup of tea they could be good .
Super Sunday !
Out of town visitors .
One piece of pertinent fresh rug news !
J.T. at “Rugtracker” has a new post online now titled , “The Lehman Medallion carpet” .
As usual , well worth your time to take a quick look .
Stuck in the beginning of another 3 day holiday weekend so business and news will be on the short side .
Morning road trip , no action.
Out of town visitors in the afternoon and commerce .
Cowan’s of Cincinnati , Ohio held their general antique auction today and as far as the rug and carpet portion of the sale goes it went very well for them .
Out of the 34 pieces included in the sale only1failed to find a new home .
This was for sure a limited group but some of the pieces sold for pretty good prices.
As for the item I featured in a previous post , lot # 162 , Baluch bag face it sold over its high pre- sale estimate of $150-250.00 at $ 553.50 including comm. Considering the poor condition of the piece not a big deal but I did feel it was the most Interesting collectors lot in the modest size assortment .
In this slow market still worth a line or two !
V Day !
Presidents Day , as if we need this !

Fear not !
Far better things on the horizon .

This is a time when every man needs to step back and survey the situation around him before making important decisions ! , Sheik Frederich , 2016 .

Song o the week , Amon Amarth , First Kill on Jomsviking , 2016.

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