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As far as up to date rug world news goes we are off to a slow start this week but not to worry there is one inconsequential item that will possibly amuse you .
A new comment has been posted on “Rapstan Review” and if you are at all familiar with the creatures of the rug cosmos you can figure out who is behind the fake”nom de plume” !
To those it my concern .
1. I don’t get much in the way of complaints about the “script type” font , so it stays !2. I want to keep a neutral bias to the blog on all auction house issues , it’s not my job to promote any particular auction house !
3. I feature pieces I find somewhat interesting and also to have illustrations for the posts , that’s all .
Certainly not for educational purposes .
That’s not the purpose of the blog .
It’s for news and entertainment !
As I have always stated all comments are still welcome whether I find them constructive , Or not !
Reports are starting to trickle in from this past weekends “High Noon” auction and show in Mesa , Az . and it appears things were a little on the slow side at the auction and also for the dealers in the exhibition hall .
Some felt the quality of the auction items were not up to the previous sales before the show changed owners and the dealers just thought it was lack luster in general .
So much for a strong start to the new year collecting season .
Remains weak !

It’s been a very tough January in the “Rock N Roll” world and now another unfortunate passing .
Paul Kantner , a founding member of the seminal San Francisco 60’s band “Jefferson Airplane” passed away today from complications of a heart attack .
R.I.P. , your legacy will live on !

The “Gert K .Nagel ” Special sale at Nagel Auktion , Stuttgart , Germany is nothing more than history now and in one aspect it went fairly well for them.
Out of the 213 rug and textile lots offered up only 38 failed to find new homes .
This works out to a sold percentage of about 82% .
Pretty good !
Now for the bad part .
For the most part the prices this group garnered were very weak with more than a few selling under their pre- sale estimates .
As I mentioned in a previous post this looked more like a house cleaning sale than a legitimate collection and the prices fetched might reflect it !
A somewhat disappointing start to the 2016 rug auction season !
As for the lot I featured in the earlier post it sold but very poorly .
Lot # 2403 Kazak prayer rug , pre- sale est. € 2,500.00 , sold for € 1,300.00.
So much for it being published !
Could it have had condition issues ?
Still in a holding pattern up to this point but one minor piece of rug universe news .
Cowan’s Auctions in Cincinnati , Ohio has a general antique sale scheduled on Feb. 13 that includes 34 various oriental rugs and carpets .IMG_1376Nothing particularly great but one lot I thought was at least mildly interesting .

Lot # 162 Baluch bag face . Pre- sale est. $150-250.00.Rough condition but a good design. These peacock bags are always popular .


Stagnant !

Poor weather conditions arrive !
Out of town visitors be modest commerce to end a non eventful week !

In the end your First Amendment right is one of your most precious possessions ! , Sheik Frederich , 2016 .

Song o the week , Jefferson Airplane , White Rabbit on Surrealistic Pillow , 1967 .

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  1. Ron Johnson says:

    Dear George:
    I have been reading your blog for a couple of years and thank you for the effort you put into it. However, might I second the reader you mention who thought you should change the rather ‘arty’ but hard to read type face to one far more readable.
    If you do some searching on the internet you will see hardly any websites which use anything like the one you have chosen. My sincere advice would be to return to the one you used when you first started.
    Another comment which I hope you will appreciate and not think ill of has to do with your spelling. I must say this latest blog entry shows improvement, it has only one error. It’s whether not weather. So while you spelled the word correctly, you used the wrong word. This is a common mistake when dealing with homonyms, words that have the same pronunciation but different meanings. You have made this type of error before, so maybe you should pay a bit more attention?
    Lastly I also second the comment you could put some of the rug knowledge you are famous for into your blog comments. I am sure other readers, not only me, would appreciate both being entertained and learning something about rugs at the same time.
    There are not many websites like yours, and again I do appreciate it.

    With regards,
    Ron Johnson
    Boston, Ma.

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