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Let the great “MLK Day” celebration begin !

Via Con Dios , Glenn Frey , co founder of the one and only “Eagles “.
Not necessarily my cup of tea as far as music goes but a giant in the business and he leaves a legacy of work that will live on forever !

After a relatively quiet period in the the rug world over the holiday season the rug auction season is set to kick off with a bang !
At this early juncture there are no less than “12” productions on the docket in the next 60 days , up to this point !
So save your shekel's and you most likely won't be disappointed !
Quiet !
Sotheby's sale of the “I & A Schorsch” collection is one for the books and the whole inventory did very well for Sotheby's and the estate .
Regarding the oriental rugs included in the offering all sold and most for over their “high” pre- sale estimates .
Some well over !
As for the one lot I featured in a previous post , lot # 123 , Eagle Kazak , pre- sale est. $ 3-5,000.00 , it sold for $ 6,875.00 including comm.
Not one of the real highlights of the group , but not bad either .
One minor observation of the carpets in this sale .
They were for the most part Caucasians or Heriz area items and overall they brought fairly strong prices so it might show some strength in rug-dum at least in those areas !
Because of the snow storm in NYC today the ” Important Americana ” sale was postponed till tomorrow !

Unfortunately now , Jimmy Bain bass player extraordinaire , ex Dio , Rainbow , Hear ' n Aid , Last in Line and so much more !
R I P , you will not be soon forgotten !

Next up today .
Sotheby's “Important Americana” sale .
2 pm , post time on the east coast .
Let's get this party started !
So on this fine “playoff” Sunday the oriental carpet portion of the “Important Americana” auction just wrapped up an it turned out to be a fairly successful endeavor for M.J. and the “Sotheby's” rug dept.
Out of the 25 lots run across the podium only 5 failed to garner any interest .
That works out to a sold percentage of 80 %.
Yes , it's a small production but still an admirable effort .
One thing worth noting , all the pieces that failed to sell were decorative items , collectors items did very well !
However , nothing in the way of an upside surprise in the whole group.
Concerning the lot I featured in a previous post it did sell and as I figured sold well over the high estimate .
Lot # 1163 , Eagle Gul torba , pre- sale est. $ 3-5,000.00 .
Sold for $ 9,375.00 including comm.
Not a surprise that it sold over the high estimate but still a decent purchase for the new owner .
In the end considering the poor weather conditions on the east coast an admirable job , so hats off to M.J. and staff !!!

Dead men tell no tales , but live ones never have any fun ? , Sheik Frederich , 2016 .

Song o the week , Eagles , Chug All Night on Eagles , 1972 .

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  1. Tulio Chiari says:

    Buongiorno Mr Gilmore:

    Please do not become offended by my comments I am someone to enjoy your thoughts on the oriental rug business.

    First, the typeface you are using is difficult to read. Why not use one that is easier on the eyes? Maybe you think the one you use is cute, or adds some luster to your words, but it really doesn’t. It detracts from them.

    Second you use too many ! . My old literature professor at university always told us only use one ! per page. So perhaps you might follow his esteemed admonition?

    Other than that one more comment, but again please do not be offended.

    I believe your comments need more gravitas. They should either try to impart some of the great knowledge some say you have acquired about old oriental rugs, or they should delve more deeply into what is happening in this field.

    And while I like to read about old rugs your lighter than air jocular commentaries do wear thin after the several years you have been offering them online.

    With hearty good wishes from a European compatriote for 2016.

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