Rapistan Review

Travel day !
What surprises does the future hold ?
Smooth into the airport then substantial traffic issues getting into the city.
But alls well that ends up well !
Day one !
Everyone I came into contact with today was in great holiday spirits but plenty of rain slowed things down a bit .
Opportunities still presented themselves and with no rain in the forecast on the horizon for tomorrow everything should work out fine.
Another foray into the wilds of Brooklyn looms midday tomorrow !
Better weather but turning quit a bit colder .
More opportunities and things are coming together.
Road trip to Brooklyn pays off.
Travel day cold and getting colder .
Time to go !
Smooth out of the airport and looking good so far.
One more successful sojourn to the east coast in the books .
On the ground on time .
IMG_1341Back at O.C.G. and paper work.
Next up Christmas .
Happy , Happy , Joy , Joy !
It appears it's going to be very quiet for the next 2 weeks at the least !

Merry Christmas to all ! , weather you like it or NOT ? , Sheik Frederich , 2015 .

Song o the week , King Diamond , No Presents for Christmas on Fatal Portrait , 1986 .

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