Rapistan Review

1 pm .
This week starts with today's major rug production at Bonham's , L.A.
Unfortunately this sale is usually a none event because the inventory is always pedestrian at best and this time round it's more of the same but the auction is under way so let's just give'em a chance and see where they land.
Fin !
Out of 268 items passed over the Bonham's podium this afternoon 144 managed to find new homes .
This works out to a sold percentage of right at 54%.
Some what “off” the results of the sales at Sotheby's , Christie's and Skinner's which were more in the range of 60+% to the low 70's.
Considering the mediocre quality of the majority of the pieces put up for sale not bad , but nothing to get amped up about either.
A couple of things i noticed concerning the outcome of this offering were just this.
Late Chinese silk rugs continue to garner fairly strong prices , even in Cali.
Also the second half of the sale featured all the low end pieces and they sold very well pumping up the number of rugs sold and saving outcome from turning into a disaster for the Bonham's rug dept.
I guess it does prove every dog does in fact have his day !
All said and told I guess this could be a considered a decent turn of events for Haji and the Bonham's rug dept. !
Silent contemplation !
Boo Yah , 7 days till NYC !
Adios , Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor , drummer extraordinaire for the legendary Motörhead .
You will certainly be remembered !
Quiet !
The dreaded Friday the 13th .

Je Suis Bataclan !

Out of town visitors and commerce but little else.
Modest road trip
The week ends on a slow note and with the holidays upon us it's only gonna et lower .

When you decide to stir the pot or in fact stir the kettle always consider the world may suspect you stirred the “gray matter” between your ears ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015?

Song o the week , Motörhead , Ace of Spades on Ace of Spades , 1980 .

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