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IMG_1307Slower than quiet ?
Substantial road trip and commerce !
3 weeks till NYC !
So it's been a very sluggish week as far as current rug world news goes but we do have one fresh particle of exciting “auction action” updates you've all been waiting for !
Austria Auction's “major ” fall production scheduled on November 28th in Gebirge , Austria is finally live “on the line” now to tempt your rug acquiring taste buds !
For this outing the crew at Austria Auction Co. has assembled a group of 209 total lots of rugs , carpets and various flat weaves and textiles .
First glance through the inventory leaves me feeling its top loaded with Persian city pieces in good condition .IMG_1315
That's not to say there aren't a plethora of other types of collectors items included too , just seems to be a large selection of city pieces.
As for the overall feel of the quality of the complete sale inventory it seems pretty good except for the Turkmen's which appears a little weak across the board .
A few above average items but unfortunately far to many run of the mill pieces.
Again I am not knocking the group just my humble opinion .
One more thing I noticed .
Except for one lot # 62 , Lori Pambak Kazak , pre- sale est. € 40-60,000.00 ( I did not think items of this age were bringing this kind of returns anymore ) , the pre- sale estimates seemed to be fairly realistic .
After all that said I did find a few lots I thought were worth a line or two.IMG_1311IMG_1312
Lot # , 24 Tekke Main Cpt , pre – sale est. € 3-4,000.00 . Not particularly good condition , maybe just a big fragment but good age , a rare main border and reasonable starting point .
Lot # 64 , Qashgai Gabbeh , pre- sale est. € 12-15,000.00 . Striking design , and scarce these days but a slightly aggressive starting point in a somewhat weak European market. IMG_1313
Lot # 121 , Konya , pre – sale est. € 10 – 14,000.00. Again a little on the steep side as far as the starting point but scarce , good things are never inexpensive .
In the end considering a market place where good to great things are hard to come by Udo and the Gang have done an admirable job so , Good Luck to them on Nov. 28th.
Wholly Halloween !
Dia de los Muertos , 2015 , Viva !

The preoccupation with procrastination and over thinking situations can lead you down the path of poor decision making ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015 .

Song o the week , Just when you thought it couldn't get any better , another 2 fur !
Bob Dylan , All Along the Watchtower on John Wesley Harding , 1967 .
The Jimi Hendrix Experience , All Along the Watchtower on Electric Ladyland , 1968.
It's tough , your choice !

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