Rapistan Review

Bonham's , L.A.'s next major rug extravaganza scheduled on Nov. 9th is live on the line now for your viewing amusement .
This time around the sale consist of 268 total lots of all manner of rugs , carpets and flat weaves.
Unfortunately nothing in the way of a serious piece of any type , be it collectible or decorative .
Just the “standard” Bonham's array of mediocre items , entry level Tribal and Caucasian pieces and mid range decorator carpets.
Since it takes the same amount of effort to put together a sale of this size with some noteworthy pieces you would think its time for the Bonham's rug dept. to step up their game a bit .
But alas , not this time around .
If your a dealer or beginning rug enthusiast this could be an opportunity for you , but if your a serious rug collector this is “for sure” not an offering you would be interested in.
Maybe next time !
Quiet !
Christie's , NYC's , “Opulent Eye” auction is in the books and for all intensive purposes it ended up in line with most of the earlier sales as far sold percentages go.
Out of the 33 pieces passed across the podium 20 ended up finding new homes which works out to a sold percentage of right at 61%.
Granted this was a much smaller offering than most all the other auction houses efforts but some of these pieces brought pretty good prices .
No drastic upside surprises but one lot did manage to do very well for its consigner.
Lot # 183 , Silk and Metal thread Chinese rug (5x 7) , circa 1900 , pre- sale est. $ 8-12,000.00, sold for $ 43,750.00 including comm.
Another lot # 184 , Silk Chines rug , pre- sale est. $ 3-5,000.00 , sold for $ 27,500.00 including comm.
Not my taste at all but someone out there fancy's them.
Rumor has it that Hong Kong money buys these things ?
Minor road trip .
Another minor road excursion and that ends the slowest week in “rug dumb” in quite awhile !
However , commerce continues in a positive fashion.
Maybe things will pick up next week , or not ?

Don't waste time looking for pennies when you could be making head way ! Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , A two fur !
Rolling Stones , Gimme Shelter on Let it Bleed , 1969.
Grand Funk Railroad , Gimme Shelter on Caught in the Act , 1975.

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