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After all the action last week there's gonna be a bit of a lull in activity for the first few days of this new week .
Quiet !
Modest commerce at O.C.G. today , better than nothing.
Today's Netherhampton sale is in the books but as is their M.O., it will be a couple of days before they post the results .
Holy , guacamole!IMG_1291 2 weeks till next , NYC , venture !
Another one is now history for Sotheby's , NYC's rug dept.
Unfortunately it did not quite live up to the stellar performance of their previous “Distinguished Colls.” effort.
Out of the 194 items run across the podium only 121 managed to conjure up any interest .
A sold percentage of right at 62%.
Not bad but nothing like the last sale that booked results above 80% !
Going over the tally I noticed Chinese pieces were particularly strong , not necessarily from the point of big prices fetched but most everything offered , sold.
On the flip side most of the ” late ” Turkmen's in the group unfortunately had a very hard time .
One other thing worth a line.
Items from “noted collectors” also seemed to have a difficult up hill climb ! Concerning the ever sought after “upside surprise” there were a few , 2 of which I felt were worth mentioning.
Lot. # 101, “Ninghsia” runner , pre- sale est. $ 6-8,000.00 . Sold for $ 32,500.00. including comm. Exceptionally long ( 31'5″ ) , fairly scarce !
A nice bump for the consigner .
Lot # 132 , Karadja cpt. , pre- sale est. $ 5-7,000.00 . Sold for $ $21,250.00 including comm. . Vastly under estimated so this was to be expected .
As for the 4 pieces I featured in an earlier post , 3 sold ,1 did not.
Lot # 23 , Chi Chi prayer rug pre- sale est. $ 15-20,000 . Sold for $ 15,000.00 including comm. A decent purchase for the new owner .
Lot # 55 , Senna prayer kelim , pre- sale est. $10-15,000.00 . Sold for $ 21,250.00 including comm. Not bad for the buyer , a little weak for the seller , in my humble opinion.
Lot # 62 , Kashan prayer rug , pre- sale est. $1-2,000.00 . Sold for $ 3,250.00 including comm. I really thought this piece would do better . If it's free of hidden surprises could be a very good deal for the new owner !
Lot # 79 , Bakshaish prayer rug , pre- sale est. $ 6-8,000.00 . Unsold .
Like I said earlier some of the famous Coll. items that have been around the track before hit the wall !
Parting thoughts on this offering are this .
I am sure this is not quite the outcome M.J. and the NYC rug dept. had hoped for but not a disaster either .
That they held the sale at all is a boost for the NYC rug market in particular and the world market in general .
Let's just hope the modest result of this venture doesn't keep the Sotheby's rug dept. from holding another sale in the future.
The U.S. and the global rug community need them to stay in the game .
Next up for Sotheby's , the London sale on November. 3 .
Good Luck to them on that one too !
Clocks tickin , 2 weeks till ART's !
Minor fresh news .
Kerry Taylor Auctions Ltd. , Bermondsey , London , U.K. has a Vintage Fashion & Textile auction scheduled on Oct. 13.
This not a rug sale by any stretch of the imagination just for the most part a large group of fashion items .IMG_1288 IMG_1289It does however feature a modest assortment of ethnic textile pieces and a small selection of Susani's of which a couple of are at least worth a look if that's your area of interest . Lot # 365 Susani , pre- sale est. £ 15-2,500.00 . Could be better than the illustration and caption indicate !
Lot # 367 Susani prayer arch , pre- sale est. £ 6-900.00 . Under estimated ?
Quite !
The Sotheby's , “Distinguished Coll”. , London edition sale , scheduled on Nov. 3 is now “live on the line” for all interested parties to view.
For starters this is a much smaller selection than this week's NYC offering , clocking in at just 124 items.
A sign of a “weak ” European market , slim pickin's or just a coincidence !
Next up .
After going through this catalogue a few times my humble impression is this group is also not as quite as interesting as the NYC sale , to my eye !
That's not to say there aren't some good pieces in the inventory , there are but maybe just not quite as varied as the one at Sotheby's , NYC .
The more important pieces in the group from a collectors standpoint are certainly from the Caucasian and Turkmen weaving areas.
Now , before you draw any negative conclusions keep this in mind .
I am not knocking the sale but there is still no “standout” piece in the offering to get the rug world buzzing! Once again this is just my opinion,nothing more nothing less!
That said i listed a couple of lots i felt were somewhat memorable .
IMG_1294Lot # 49 , Borchalu Kazak , pre- sale est. £ 20- 30,000.00, Very snappy in the illustration , if it's not hammered ?

56,Tekke cpt.frag. , pre-sale est.£2-400.00. Nice for those on a budget !
Lot # 63 Nurata Susani , pre -sale est. £ 7-10,000.00 . My pick of the litter !
IMG_1297All in all a decent effort by M.J. , Jackie and the Sotheby's rug dept.
Now let's see where they end up !
Morning road trip .
Mid day out of town visitors .

Any one who ever played the game nose there are no rules ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , Manitoba's Wild Kingdom , The Party Starts Now on and You ? , 1990.

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