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Back to business .
Netherhampton Salesrooms , Salisbury , U.K. is now live on the auction clock with their Sept. 30 offering.
This time around the group consist of 487 total lots of “as is their m.o.” all types of hand woven items from all weaving areas .
Once again the inventory runs along the same lines as their past sales with nothing included in the inventory that would be considered a serious collectors piece .
No top shelf decorator carpets in the offering either .
That's not to say there aren't a few things worth you taking a little time to check out in the catalog .
In the Turkmen section of the listing there is an interesting group of tent band fragments ( 7 ) and one complete tentband .
As usual the illustrations are far from the best so more information is in order before being able to tell how good or bad the pieces are .
Also , one other lot to consider if your into fragments , # 339 , Arabatchi juval fragment , maybe 20% of the full piece .
Maybe something maybe not.
This is the closest they get to anything that could be considered a true collectors item.
Other than these suggestions nothing else caught my as far as collectors items go but as usual it's a smorgasbord of pieces so if a treasure hunt is your “thing ” have at it.
Like their past sales another massive production from Ms Barrett and the Netherhampton rug dept.
“Good Luck” to them on this undertaking !
Rain in So Cal ?
M.G. and the gang at Groganco , Boston , Ma. are back on the job with a general antique auction scheduled on Sept. 27 that also features 16 oriental rugs and carpets .
Not a big deal by any means but a decent small group of what looks to be clean merchandise with very realistic pre- sale estimates.
IMG_1275The group does include one lot I felt was worth a brief mention .
Lot # 221 Sewan Kazak , pre- sale est. $ 1-1,500.00 . Lots of nice green !
If this piece is any good at all , which it looks like in the illustrations , it's a very fair starting point .
Mr Grogan is adamant about trying to keep the pre- sale estimate on the conservative side , which this selection shows.
Quite !
Christie's , South Kensington , U.K. scheduled an auction titled ” Arts & Textiles of the Islamic World” on Oct 9.
This sale does not include any rugs or carpets but does feature 5 susani's , 16 textile / Costume lots and 3 shawls .
Nothing in the group is top shelf but there are a few decent ,items .
If this is your area of interest it's worth your time to take a quick look .
Bonham's , London also has a slightly smaller “Islamic and Indian Art” sale scheduled on Oct. 6 .
Once again nothing in the way of oriental rugs in the group but it does include 13 various textile lots and 1 Susani .
Hardly important , but for the textile crowd worth a gander .
IMG_1277 I did notice one textile lot in the sale I thought was worth a line.
Lot # 49 Ottoman Cintamani frag.16th century ? Pre-sale est. £ 4-6,000.00.
Classic design .
The Rippon – Boswell general rug auction is in the books today .
Well there is not much to really say about this offering .
By “liveauctioneers” count , out of the 260 items rug across the podium 133 found buyers . A sold percentage of right at 51%.
Not bad but nothing to write home about either.
It appears that most all the pieces that did garner any interest sold “very” reasonably .
However this is also worth keeping in mind , this is an unaudited count and Mr Maltzahn does work the phones after the sale to try and move the unsold lots.
That said a decent showing for what was certainly a house cleaning sale with nothing special included to garner any rug world excitement .
Two down , a multitude more to go !
Now on to the ” major ” fall sale ?
Morning road trip.
IMG_1279 Something of interest turned up in an upcoming general antique auction on Sept. 26
at Southbay Auction in Long Island , N.Y.
Lot # 178 , catalogued as 2 small kelims , pre-sale est. $ 2-300.00 .
I guess they don't have much experience with Sumak bags , but we will see where this ends UP !
Plenty more auction activity next week.

When it's all said and done it's about “playin” the game and picking up the check when it's your turn ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , Motörhead , Sympathy For the Devil on Bad Magic , 2015 .

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