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So we finally start a fresh week with “fresh” rug world news .
Miracles do happen ?
“Nagel Auktionen” , Stugartt , Germany is first out the gate of the fall auction season with their Sept 8th “Major” rug and ethnographic item inventory live “on the line” now .
The group consist of 252 rugs , carpets , trappings and textiles plus 61 various ethnographic pieces.
As advertised the bulk and the best items in the sale are from the G. Nagel Coll.
To my eye the most desirable pieces in the Nagel coll. group are Persian City pieces , not my cup of tea but some of them look pretty good , if that's your thing !
Unfortunately the rest of the added lots are more or less common run of the mill pieces.
Nothing in the way of a standout item, decorative or collectable in the entire group.
Very uninspiring .
In the end this looks like any other mediocre Nagel offering but it's certainly worth your time to take a closer look as the reserves on the Nagel Coll. lots seem very realistic so there may be some bargains to be had !
All that said I did find 2 lots worth a short line .
Lot # 49 , Baluch rug . Pre- sale est. € 1,000.00 . Far from best of type but still a scarce item !
Lot # 61 , Shahsevan Sumak bags . Pre- sale est. € 1,200.00 . A pair so depending on if they are any good in person and where they finish up could be a good deal for someone ,
Via Con Dios , Justin Wilson , Indy car driver , 1978-2015 , you left far to soon !

In route , NYC , smooth in.
Not to hot , or humid , reasonably good weather !
Can't ask for more than that.
Live from NYC !
O K , so here we go !
The market has splintered into a couple of locations .
One in town , the other just outside of the city in Long Island City .
The dealers that relocated out there are mostly the ones that dealt in mid to low end items and also did minor restoration work so it's not necessarily a problem as far as anything more high end you might be looking for.
The core “serious ” dealers are trying stay in town in the same general vicinity but the rent increases are making that increasingly difficult .
However , there is certainly strength in numbers as far as drawing power to the market goes so it still affects things to a certain extent.
That said business still presents itself and things are looking fairly promising on all fronts so far.
All the dealers I met with today were in good spirits but mentioned it would be nice if commerce picked up a bit ,so as usual it's always a hot topic of conversation .
I still think it's a positive start but let's just see how things turn out tomorrow before we make a final judgement.
Back on the job , day 2 and things are looking up.
More good to better fresh pieces are presenting themselves and it appears this trip will end on an upbeat note if transactions can be completed !
Enshallah !
Success .
Return to the airport , travel day !
My parting shot on what I consider to be another profitable sojourn to the Manhattan rug market .
I do think the market is going through a transition but I do not in any way shape or form think it's mortally wounded as some folks are saying .
Sometimes change is difficult to stomach but it does weed out the weak links and make the true connoisseur's stronger !
Parting shot # 2 !
Although there are a group of disgruntled people out there who are casting a negative shadow on the collectors rug arena right now the quest for good or exceptional collectors items is stronger than ever and there is certainly funds available for purchases .
Anyone out in the field on the hunt knows it's truly easy to find a new home for a top shelf collectable piece as long as you do not price it in a foolish manner.
Takeoff !
Turbulent ride back but only a minor distraction so the excursion ends on a positive note .
Back at O.C.G.IMG_1247Hot , very humid , however out of town visitors show up today so that's a plus in itself !
Good conversation and commerce .
I gotta say the weather was way better in NYC than in the O.C. right now for those of you who contemplate such things !

It's an “exchangagram” moment bi*ches celebrate the golden age of materialism ! Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , The Dead Daisies , “Mexico” on Revolucion , 2015.

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