Rapistan Review

Hardly a big deal but Sotheby's , NYC has posted a 5 piece preview of their Oct. 1st , “Major” rug auction and if the rest of the sale inventory runs along the same vein as this preview the group may just prove to be pretty impressive .
Here's hope in !
More previews !
Nagel Auction , Stuttgart , Germany has also posted a 9 lot teaser of their “40th” year “Jubilee” sale scheduled on Sept. 8th.
In my opinion these items are not quite as high brow as the Sotheby's weaving's but it's still worth your time to take a quick look .
14 days till NYC !
A few days since the D.C. , ICOC and most attendees I have heard from felt it was a fairly quiet affair , most certainly from an exhibitors standpoint , as far as sales go !
To bad !
Modest business blooms at O.C.G.but little else .
Early morning road trip .
Long Beach Antique Fair .
Out of town visitors to end another quiet week.

Keep in mind that in the end “ALL” lives matter or ” NO ” lives matter in the end ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , Cradle of Filth , Right Wing of the Garden Triptych on Hammer of the Witches , 2015.

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