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A fresh week and it looks like we are off to the races with a whisper not a roar !
Out of sheer boredom I just went through the “highly promoted” July 13 , Bonham's , L.A. “major” oriental rug and carpet offering.
Unfortunately for “you-all” out there and the Bonham's rug dept. it's just more of the same , ordinary rug shop items.
Nothing at all in the way of a notable collectors item or stand out decorative carpet. There are however plenty of color stripped room size carpets if your still into that sort of thing !
Not really worth you time unless you are as bored as I am.
Quiet !
Here we go with the unverified results of the June 18th rug auction at ” Leclere ” in Marseille, France.
Unfortunately for Mr Gissinger and the “Leclere” rug dept. this was about as close to a disaster as you can get.
Out of the 94 items run across the podium only 17 attracted any attention .
This works out to a sold percentage right at 18%.
If in fact if all the pieces listed as sold are actually paid for I still would have my doubts if the “Leclere” rug dept. even covered expenses .
All the pieces that are listed as sold , sold right in the range of their pre- sale estimates .
Nothing in the way of an upside surprise in the whole group .
Certainly not the outcome they hoped for !
As for the 2 items I featured in an earlier post ( lots # 26 Talish and # 35 Kazak ) both failed to find new homes.
Maybe they can work the phones a bit , after the shock wears off and improve the number of pieces sold !
Otherwise i would guess it's back to the drawing board for Mr Gissinger and staff .
Better luck next time !
Fathers Day weekend !
Silence !
Happy Father's Day .
Long Beach Antique Fair .
As you would assume , no action.
Still silent !
Massive lack of fresh rug world news !
Minor road trip .
The Summer doldrums are in full swing.
Out of town visitors and commerce !
Minor score at an East Coast country sale to start the day !
More out of town visitors .
Unfortunately this two week period ends with another weak post in a very slow time in the rug world for fresh news .
Apologies !
It appears this activity drought is gonna last for at least a couple of more weeks .
Oh well you can't win them all .
But you can wait them out !

Via con Dios , Chris Squire , founding member and base player of the prog rock band , YES .
You work will keep your memory alive !

Think what you want to think cause it all comes clean in the wash anyway !, Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , Michael Schenker Group , “On and On” on Essential MSG , 1992. ,

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