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One more in a long line of quiet Monday's !
Christie's ,”Connoisseur's Eye” sale has just crossed the finish line and it turned out to be reasonably successful venture for them at least from a carpet standpoint .
76 rugs and carpets were included in the group and 54 ended up finding new homes. This works out to a sold percentage of right at 71 %.
Slightly better numbers than they generally post.
Unfortunately the tapestries were not quite as well received in the session.
Out of the 16 pieces run across the podium only 7 found takers .
A sold percentage of 45%.
Not a complete disaster but certainly far from a raging success .
From my point of view for the Christie's rug dept. i assume a slight disappointment , however with a more interesting variety perhaps including some collectors items it could have most likely had a more positive outcome.
11 am , Cali time.
The post ART'S , Grogan sale in Boston is under way and it looks like it's going pretty well up to this point .
But it's not where you start it's where you end up so let's just wait and see !
1 pm , in Ca.
O K , finished up , so here we go.
Out of the 96 lot's put up for sale 84 ended attracting attention. That works out to a sold percentage in the neighborhood of 88%.
This outcome falls within the parameters of the usual “Grogan” sale number's .
As I mentioned in an earlier post M.G. keeps the pre- sale estimates on the conservative side so the seller reserves are generally in the realistic range which makes it interesting for potential buyers !
Smart business tactic in my opinion .
On the whole decent prices were fetched on all the items that sold but nothing in the way of an upside surprise on any of the lots offered , as I expected , inasmuch as there were not any real “standout” pieces in the selection.
In the end a small but very solid effort from Mr Grogan and the Grogan + Co. rug dept.
As for the 2 lots I talked about in an earlier post both sold within their pre- sale ranges.
Lot # 40 , Chinese cpt. Pre- sale est. $5-7,000.00 . Sold for $ 4,250.00 + comm. Based on the supposed great condition I really thought this carpet would fair better.
Lot # 72 , Caucasian prayer rug. Pre- sale est. $2-3,000.00 . Sold for $2,750.00 + comm. Restoration on sides might have held the total on this piece down !
Back to the silent side.
I hope you celebrated “National Donut Day” today!
Minor road trip.
Then Quiet .
7 days till Rippon- Boswell's major rug “circus” and for all intensive purposes the end of the featured rug auction schedule till the fall.
It's your last chance , so step and let your presence by known !
Out of town visitors and the possibility of commerce.
Modest success !

Waves of indifference sometimes flow over the boundaries of insanity ! Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , Danko Jones , Do You Wanna Rock , on Fire Music , 2015.

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