Rapistan Review

Travel Day .
After a smooth flight in nothing but delays getting off the plane.
Apparently there was lightning strikes “5 miles” from the airport so all ground crew workers were told to seek shelter inside , consequently it took an extra 45 minutes before we could de-plane.
This is not something I have encountered in the past .
Next up plenty of highway drama but in the end , alls well that ends well !
Day one .
Weathers holding for the moment.
It's pretty much a packed house .
Everybody you would expect to be here is here.
First major field opens at 11 am.
Fairly calm till then.
11 am.
Dealers Choice field .
Warm and breezy .
Large opening crowd but there are a few empty exhibitor spaces .
As for any available possibilities you say ?
Well there's plenty of commercial grade , mediocre rugs and carpets scattered around the field. .
Unfortunately nothing in the way of a real collectors piece at this juncture .
Next up Brimfield Acres North .
1 pm.
Another large opening crowd but again a number of vacant exhibitor spaces.
As in the previous field there is a very large group of mostly commercial grade rugs and carpets interspersed throughout the field .
More than a few fairly nice pieces but so far nothing in the way of a serious collectors item or a high grade decorator carpet.
The week is just getting started , maybe something of note tomorrow !
Not even a rumor of anyone getting an item of any importance yet!
5:30 am.
Substantially cooler and very windy this morning !
First up , New England Motel .
This field has never been a good source of oriental rugs and textiles and today is no different.
9 am, next in line.
Heart of the Mart .
An uneventful opening , the only thing noteworthy to turn up in this field this morning was a good but distressed Sultanabad room size carpet.
12 noon
Hertan's field
As it's been so far today nothing of note surfaced .
Back at it tomorrow .
One small piece of fresh rug news.
The June 3 special rug sale at “Grogan's “in Boston , Ma. is live ” on the line” now for your viewing pleasure.
This time around the sale includes 96 lots of all manner of rugs, textiles and carpets.
Unfortunately after going through the selection a few times I can't say there is anything in the way of “barn burner” collectors item , however there are a number of fairly interesting pieces .
As usual with a Grogan offering all the pre- sale estimates are on the conservative side to keep the auction interesting and give everybody an equal opportunity no matter the final outcome .
This is not a major rug event by any stretch of the imagination but certainly worth your time to take a quick look .
With all the anticipation building for the upcoming Boston , ARTS fair I am sure there will be plenty of follow up interest at this auction.
After all my rhetoric , listed below are a couple of lots I felt were worth a line or two.

2015-05-13 13.51.57

2015-05-13 13.50.23Lot # 40 Chinese “Peking” carpet . Pre- sale est. $5-7,000.00 . If the condition is as good as listed this carpet could be very nice.
As everyone in the rug trade knows it's not easy to find Chinese carpets of this age in really clean nic !
Lot # 72 Caucasian prayer rug . Pre- sale est. $ 2-3,000.00. Great yellow ground , scarce design and very realistic starting point !
Again not an earth shaking assortment , but it is another good effort on the part of Mr Grogan and staff.
9 am
May's field and the end of the Brimfield highway for this East Coast excursion .
Mammoth opening crowd !
Most all the exhibitor spaces are full, but once again nothing much in the way of a real collectors item or even a good decorator piece turns up.
Nowhere near the amount of mid – range rugs in this field as in the fields in the previous 2 days.
Fortunately the second bounce “paid off” after a couple of better items surfaced Wens. afternoon.
This little adventure ends up being modestly successful with a couple more leads to follow up on.
So here's to a positive ending to the May , 2015 Brimfield trip !
Travel Day .
Looks like big rain back in the O.C.
Smooth flight back , which is always welcome !
Long Beach antique market Sunday .
Just when you thought you could not handle “another” rug auction , Netherhampton Salesrooms of Salisbury , U.K. comes up with their next rug , carpet and textile extravaganza scheduled on May 20 .
The current sale consist of approximately 433 total lots of all manner of oriental weavings .
Unfortunately , as is their M.O. lately nothing in the way of an outstanding collectors item or top shelf decorator carpet .
That said after going through the group a few times it strikes me that the over quality is just slightly better than their last few selections .
Maybe it's just me but that's how it feels so with that I say “Good Luck ” to Ms Barrett and staff in this saturated rug auction market !
Certainly worth your effort to take a quick look see ?
One last thing .
Sotheby's , London has an auction titled “The Duchess ” scheduled on May 27-28 .
This is a one owner estate sale that includes 9 earlier carpets and one lot of 3 susani's.
A couple of possibilities are listed below .
2015-05-17 11.29.172015-05-17 11.34.12Lot # 274 , Salor main carpet . Pre-sale est., £ 8-14,000.00. It has created a bit of noise in the Turkmen collectors world . A decent example with a realistic starting point.
The most interesting listing in my opinion is lot # 400 , 3 Tashkent susani's . Pre- sale est. £ 12-1,800.00 . A very reasonable starting point , it is however not where you start , it's where you end up. One of the three is illustrated .
Lot. # 401 , Textile group Pre- sale est. £ 3-500.00 . This lot has the look of a sleeper at least in the group photo online !
Out of town visitors .
“That's all folks” , till next week !

Insane behavior can breed brilliant outcomes , so play to win ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week, Sam and Dave , Hold On ! , I'm Comin , on The Essentials , 2002.


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