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Slow start to the new week , however only 14 days till the May “Brimfield” shows !
Minor Rippon update.
Looks like Mr Maltzahn could not quite get to 100% on the “Vok” collection sale but he did manage to push it to 86 out of 88 total lots . Not a complete game but almost , again hats off to the Rippon staff.
Now let's just see how well they do with their scheduled June 13 “major” sale !
News flash .
Apparently Sotheby's , London is gonna get back into the major rug auction arena in November of this year . Jackie Coulter is said to be curating the sale.
Interesting timing but let's wait and give it a chance could be good for the overall rug market and London in particular.
Dorotheum Day.
The Dorotheum sale in Vienna , Austria went off this morning and in a timely fashion the results are live ” on the line” now for your viewing pleasure .
Interesting how this auction house posts their results right away and other European auction houses take their sweet time.
Unfortunately for the Dorotheum rug dept. the end result was mediocre at best.
Out of the 207 total lots offered up only 105 ended up finding takers. A sold percentage of just under 51%.
Certainly a mixed result for sure , not a disaster but nothing close to great either .
As is their M. O. lately many of the better pieces included in the sale also carried an aggressive pre- sale estimate which may been because of a high reserve .
A few sold most did not .
If they keep up with this practice in a spotty rug market in the future the result will most likely stay the same !
Nothing in the way of an upside surprise in the whole sale.
Concerning the lot I featured in an earlier post it failed garner any interest.
Lot # 48 , Ningshia mat , pre- sale est. € 18-20,000.00 , unsold . I liked the look of this piece but it's no surprise it did not sell at that level.
In the end an unremarkable sale and an unremarkable outcome.
Quiet !
Still silent !
7 Days till the highly anticipated “MunKacsi” , Austria Auction Co. sale .
10:10 am
Not much to report this Sunday except that the mighty “Rugrabbit” site has been off line for 36 plus hours now.
I sent an e-mail to B.B. but got no answer back yet !

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