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IMG_1087Let’s just start the week with more auction results .
The Nagel Auktion house posted the outcome of their March 24th sale and it was only moderately successful for them . Out of the 205 total rug and textile lots offered only 103 ended up garnering any interest.
A sold percentage of about 50% , far from a favorable finish but vastly better than the results of their last sale on Sept. 9, 2014.
That auction unfortunately only produced a sold percentage of 31%.
Granted internet issues may have had something to do with that particular outcome but it was still dismal.
If not for the single owner consignment of the first 25 lots of this current offering which had very realistic pre- sale estimates this sale would have followed in the same foot steps , as far as a total sold percentage.IMG_1109
The one lot that created plenty of chatter in the Turkmen collectors universe , lot # 25 , Tekke “animal & tree asmalyk ” , pre- sale est. € 20,000.00 ended up selling for € 47,000.00 .
As it turns out , even with substantial damage the age and very good drawing helped the piece garner a strong price.
Certainly the highlight of the whole offering.
As for the 2 items I featured in an earlier post both were from the single consigner group and sold well.
Lot # 13 Chaudor juval , pre- sale est. € 600 , sold for € 2,000.00 . Far above the pre- sale estimate but still a very reasonable purchase for someone.
Lot # 16 ,Yomut mafrash , pre-sale est. € 300 , sold for € 6500.00 . My favorite piece in the sale and a well deserved up side surprise for the consigner , however a decent buy for the new owner too !
In the end not a great turn of events for the Nagel rug dept. but it is another one “in the books” and onward to the inevitable next one !
Quiet !
Viva , All Fools Day ?
So what fresh on a day like today , well let me just tell Ya …..
The celebrated “Austria Auction Co.” is staging their first online auction of rugs and textiles on April 18 at the warehouse in Gebirge , Austria.
The full catalogue is live “on the line” now but if your in the vicinity there will be a 2 day preview on April 17-18th and you can inspect the pieces in person .
Nothing in the way of a barn burner collectors item in this group just a varied selection from all the major weaving areas .
If it’s your cup of tea , kelims seem to be very well represented .
In my humble opinion this appears to be a house cleaning sale ?
Which we all can use now and then !
One can only assume Udo and crew have set aside the “good ” stuff for the upcoming May 9th “major ” sale , of-course featuring the highly anticipated “Munkacsi-Jeffries” collection .
At this point , only 21 days till the first trip to NYC in 2015 !
More auction news.
Bonham’s , London has a sale titled “Islamic and Indian Art” scheduled on April 21 . This sale does not include any oriental rugs or carpets but does feature 6 susani’s and 15 various textile and embroidered lots .
The susani’s are decent at best , clearly not in the league of the upcoming “Vok” Coll. pieces but still worth a look if that’s your area of interest.
The textiles and embroideries are eclectic choices for the specialized collector.

IMG_1111I did find one somewhat interesting item , lot # 240 , Gem- Set Jade and Rock crystal back scratcher . Pre-sale est. £ 8-12,000.00 .
As you are all well aware , everyone needs one of these !
Good Friday” , fresh news !
Freeman’s Auction house of Phil. Pa. is staging a general antique sale on April 22 that will feature 157 lots of various oriental rugs and textiles . The group is mostly comprised of decorative carpets and “starter” collectors items but there is one piece that might create a buzz if the illustration is accurate .
Lot # 342 , Khotan carpet , pre – sale est. $ 10-15,000.00 .

The right design and if it’s not completely restored and the date is on the money could turn out to be a winner !IMG_1113

Enjoy the Passover holiday !

Quiet !

Rejoice this Easter Sunday ! , 2015 .

Steer clear of certain detestable humans and their path of unnatural behavior , for your own good ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015

Song o the week , Jim Carroll Band , City Drops Into the Night on Catholic Boy , 1980 .

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