Rapistan Review

The Bonham's , L.A. rug and carpet auction just wrapped up and for all intensive purposes it went somewhat better for them than their previous results.
This time out the sale featured 287 total lots and out of that 168 found buyers which works out to a sold percentage of just over 58 % . They had been running in the neighborhood of 50% or less so it's a small step forward .
As I stated in an earlier post this was certainly an unremarkable group of items from a collectors stand point but they did end up moving a decent amount of merchandise so “kudos” to the Bonham's rug dept.
Wholly green “mole” it's St. Paddy's Day !
IMG_1086 The results from the Brunk sale in Asheville , N.C. on March 13-14 are “live” on the line now.
The lots from the “Liberty Textile Coll.” sold very well but did post modest numbers.
However , as I mentioned in an earlier post from a collectors stand point the American Indian items included in the sale were the stars.
Many bringing very good prices.
If your interested in how well things are selling in this spotty market check it out you will certainly find it worth your time.
On the road .
And commerce .
First day of Spring and more snow on the east coast !
If that's the case I guess I'm going to Disneyland !
Great weather continues in So Cal .
Business moves forward but slow in the way of fresh rug collecting news !
This week ends with another “weak” post but I expect plenty of action next week !

Handle with care , the life you fool could certainly be your own ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , Lizzy Borden , Me Against the World on Visual Lies , 1987 .

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